Our Pedagogical Model

Here at Pluckley Church of England Primary School, our Teaching and Learning model is based around the 'Accelerated Learning Cycle'.

The cycle prioritises 4 key areas in which our learning is planned around.

These stages are:

- Connect

- Activate

- Demonstrate

- Consolidate


All new learning is built upon what the learner already knows or understands so it is important to connect our learning. Our lessons start with an inspiring and thought-provoking activity, re-capping and embedding from a previous lesson to give our children a sense of the bigger picture. Using the concept of ‘spaced learning’ whereby pupils revise and revisit learning covered yesterday (during the previous lesson), last week and last term, to revisit, revise and embed the learning.


Children are introduced to new knowledge, information and ideas during this part of a lesson. It is important that children explore these ideas to develop a deep understanding. During some sessions, we apply a ‘split input’ approach to the teaching, which enables some pupils to continue to work and be challenged, while others learning is consolidated, embedded or extended by the teacher.


This stage gives children the opportunity to 'demonstrate what they know' and use the knowledge and ideas they have gained in new ways, from answering a test question or writing a response, to conducting a debate, performing a drama or inventing and building something new.


Ensuring all new ideas and skills are embedded and secured with opportunities to consolidaterecap and enhance the learning that has taken place. This includes making links with other areas of our curriculum.

Our Thematic Curriculum

Our curriculum in a thematic approach, designed to offer a broad and balanced curriculum that nurtures curiosity and passion to inspire lifelong learning. Full of experiences, excitement and enjoyment, we have developed a bespoke broad and balanced curriculum to meet the needs, aspirations and interests of all of our pupils; equipping them with the skills needed to be responsible citizens.

Through a thematic approach, the children are immersed into the topic through environment, experiences and the highest quality of teaching and learning, allowing the children opportunities to remember, revisit and transfer skills and knowledge to other contexts.

The wider curriculum incorporates all subject areas other than the core subjects of maths, writing and reading. Our curriculum gives equal importance to core and foundation subjects, allowing for links to the topic in core subjects as much as possible.