Our School Dinners

Our lunch break is from 12:00pm to 12.45pm for KS1 children  and 12.30.pm to 13.15pm for KS2.

Children may have a school meal or bring a packed lunch. We encourage children to make healthy food choices and ask that packed lunches do not contain sweets or chocolate (including chocolate bars and chocolate spread on sandwiches). Please also remember that we are a nut-free school and therefore spreads such as Nutella and Peanut Butter should not be used in sandwiches. Please also be mindful of items such as flapjacks and granola / cereal bars as these can often also contain nuts.

A point of safety: no glass bottles please.

Our meals are currently provided by Chartwells; the meals will be cooked offsite and transported to us on a daily basis. However, as of the 17th April Caterlink will take over the provision of our school dinners.

Payment is made via Parentpay - we are - as much as possible - a cashless site so no money should be sent into school.

All Foundation and Key Stage One children are entitled to a free school meal, however, if you are on a low income, please submit an application for free school meals as, should this be granted, this does entitle your child to extra financial support via Pupil Premium funding which the school will receive. This funding can be used to support with donations for school trips or the purchasing of particular resources for your child.  Applications can be made on-line or, should you require further information or a free school meals form, please speak to the school office.

Key Stage Two children are required to pay for their school meals (priced at £2.47 until 17th April and £2.60 following the move to Caterlink), however, an application can be made as above for free school meals for families on low income, which could entitle your child to the Pupil Premium funding.


Pupils from Reception to Year 2 are provided with a piece of fruit or veg daily as part of our Healthy School Scheme. We have a snack policy whereby children are only allowed to bring in healthy snacks for break time such as fruit or cereal bars.

Dinner Menu Term 3 & 4 - Jan - Mar 2023 - Chartwells

Dinner Menu Term 5 & 6 - April - July 2023 - Caterlink

Caterlink Special Diet / Allergy form