Our Global School

We are ‘A Place where everyone can flourish’ (John 10:10).


Pluckley Church of England Primary School is a deeply Christian School upholding the belief that we are all 'wonderfully and fearfully made' in the image of God (Psalm 129). We are committed to valuing diversity, tackling discrimination, promoting equality and fostering good relationships between people. We aim to provide an education which is sensitive to individual needs and accessible to all children regardless of special educational need, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion and belief, gender reassignment or disability. The school seeks to promote awareness, understanding and respect for diversity in our world. This is achieved through our deeply Christian Ethos, Collective Worship, RHSE and our Religious Education Curriculum, where creativity is nurtured and harnessed and each child’s uniqueness is valued with dignity and respect.  We also celebrate special days and festivals throughout the year; embedding lessons learned through the achievements of individuals from diverse backgrounds across disciplines and throughout history.