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At Pluckley Church of England Primary School we firmly believe that it is crucially important that – if children are fit and healthy – that they are in school. We completely understand that children can be genuinely unwell and, in that case, they should remain at home; rest and get better – we never want a genuinely unwell child to ‘force’ themselves into school. However, reasons such as: going on holiday or travelling abroad, days off for birthdays or shopping trips, feeling tired, bad weather, non-urgent appointments are not acceptable. Unfortunately, reasons such as these are becoming increasingly prevalent and we are doing everything we can to encourage children to be in school and not to be absent for such reasons. Please can all parents support us with this, instilling a positive attitude to attendance.


Alongside this, punctuality is equally important, when your child is late to school they are missing out on important lesson time and will fall behind in their learning.

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