Wider Curriculum

Here at Pluckley Church of England Primary School, the wider curriculum is designed to offer a broad and balanced curriculum that nurtures curiosity and passion to inspire lifelong learning. Full of experiences, excitement and enjoyment, we have developed a bespoke broad and balanced curriculum to meet the needs, aspirations and interests of all of our pupils; equipping them with the skills needed to be responsible citizens.

Through a thematic approach, the children are immersed into the topic through environment, experiences and the highest quality of teaching and learning, allowing the children opportunities to remember, revisit and transfer skills and knowledge to other contexts.

The wider curriculum incorporates all subject areas other than the core subjects; maths, writing and reading. Our curriculum gives equal importance to core and foundation subjects, allowing for links to the topic in core subjects as much as possible.



The intent of our curriculum is to develop and nurture the development and application of knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes that are needed for children to development in to successful leaners. Our curriculum prepares children for further study and adult life by enabling them to become:

  • Resilient and ambitious children who use their initiative and aren’t afraid of making mistakes
  • Confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • Curious children with a thirst for knowledge
  • Successful learners who are self-motivated to learn and achieve
  • Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.
  • To provide outstanding outcomes for the future of young people in the 21st Century and beyond.
  • To develop children's desires to be ambitious, use their initiative, have a strong sense of community and have positive mental health that enables them to be happy.

At Pluckley Church of England Primary School, we feel passionately about giving children opportunities and experiences outside of the curriculum as well as in. Together, we developed a long term plan that provides children with first hand experiences whether that be through visits off site or visitors to the school.



We deliver our broad and balanced curriculum through a series of thematic topics which are carefully planned to incorporate both skills and knowledge acquisition detailed in the National Curriculum. Our subject progression documents ensure that previous learning is built upon at each stage and consolidated regularly, allowing for the children to become ‘experts’ in each area.



The impact of our curriculum is carefully monitored by our Teaching and Learning Leader and Wider curriculum lead. We track progress in all subject areas regularly, to ensure that all children are achieving and deepening their learning in all areas of the curriculum by building upon prior knowledge.

At Pluckley Church of England Primary School, we celebrate the learning by sharing our wider curriculum achievements through hosting termly ‘Learning Open Afternoons’ for parents, carers and families.


Essential Questions

Each termly project is based around an essential question that is broad in scope and timeless in nature for example, "What is Justice?"

Children are supported to think beyond their immediate surroundings, form their own opinions and change their mind in light of research and reflection. Children will gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to these complex questions.

A question is essential when it:

  • Causes genuine and relevant enquiry into big ideas
  • Provokes deep thought through lively discussion and sustained enquiry
  • Requires children to consider alternatives, weigh evidence and support their ideas
  • Sparks meaningful connections with prior learning and personal experiences