Our Values

Pupils know that we are a Church of England Primary School and how this makes our school unique. The children talk about our school REFLECT values, link them to Bible stories and explain how they apply them to their learning and wider life.

As a church school, we put Christian teachings and values at the heart of everything we do (Refer also to Our Christian Distinctiveness tab for further information).


Children at Pluckley Church of England Primary School are encouraged to value:

  • Respect, by valuing the diversity, rights and property of others
  • Endeavour, by striving to achieve our best and also valuing the achievements of others
  • Friendship, by showing consideration to others
  • Leadership, by understanding that we are all leaders of our own learning
  • Enjoyment, through active involvement in school life and making the most of our opportunities
  • Cooperation, by working together appropriately to achieve our aims
  • Trust, by having faith and confidence in each other to guide us on our journey together


And to REFLECT upon their learning and actions at all times,

Our children are also actively encouraged to reject;

  1. Discrimination
  2. Racism
  3. Bullying
  4. Cheating
  5. Deceit
  6. Cruelty
  7. Irresponsibility
  8. Dishonesty