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Year 5 - Dickens Class


is our new topic and there is so much to discover!

  • For our topic, every two or so weeks, we will find ourselves in a different continent: exploring the geography of the land and the people; their historic pasts; the differing countries and their cultures; as well as so much more!
  • We will first focus on persuasive texts in Literacy, using the election to inspire our want to debate and win over others in both our writing and speaking and listening skills.
  • In maths, we will cover a wide range of skills as we build up to the SATs for the year 6s and as a good revision time for the year 5s. This will include mental and written methods for the four operations, geometry skills, interpreting statistics and a great deal more.
  • In RE, we will move on the Sikhism, discovering the religion's past, present and future and how it might affect our lives.

It's going to be a great, great term!

Mr. Gardner

I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful holiday and that now you are ready and raring to come back to school - I know I am!

With Mrs. Earll-Shand being at another school until half term, Mrs. Stephens will be joining us quite often in Dickens class this term. Make her feel very welcome!

As you no doubt remember, our topic for this term is...


Let me give you a snapshot of our learning for this term:

Literacy - Our first text type is mystery stories. We will use British myths old and new to help us understand the features of this type of story and how we can write our own.

Maths & History - As we journey around the different disciplines of maths, we will journey around the UK as it was under the Roman rule hundreds of years ago. We will see how place value helped them carry out a census; how multiplication helped them organize their troops; and how measurement skills were used to design and build architecture we can still see today!

Science - We will investigate light and see how it is used across the country. We will answer questions such as: How fast does light travel? How can we control light? What is reflection and refraction?

Here are other aspects of our learning to look forward to:

  • Geography - We will study UK maps to find out about populations, land features, areas of interest, temperature differences - and so much more!
  • Music - A ukulele tutor called Mark will be with us this term to help us hone our ukulele skills, teaching us traditional UK tunes along the way.
  • ICT - This term we move on to Turtle Logo software to help us design our own UK flags and Ancient Roman shields!
  • Art - We will study Roman mosaics, plan our own then use real materials to create them.
  • RE - After studying Christianity, we will look at Islam, finding out their traditions, rituals and lifestyle.
  • MFL - Dickens class will continue with French - but we may dabble with a bit of Welsh as well!



Check out the gallery below to see what the class looks like!
Mr. Gardner


We hope you have had a restful half term and are looking forward to returning to Dickens class and our learning all about KENT!

Here is some helpful hints about what to expect in term 2:



  • In Literacy, our focus will switch on to instruction and explanation texts. We will revise the features of each type of text before creating our own to explain the history of Pluckley and how to go about a ghost tour of the village!
  • In Maths, our end of term assessments have helped us shown good progress and what we need to improve, so we will start by looking at division and fractions. We will discover the links between them and how we can relate them to our everyday lives.
  • Discovering forces has helped improve our investigation skills in Science, so now we will study electricity. We will look out how a settlement is supplied electricity, what the dangers are and how to control it.


And elsewhere in our curriculum, expect the following:


  • A trip to Canterbury Cathedral in RE
  • Emulating the style and techniques of local artists in Art/DT
  • Using locations in Kent to inspire our musical compositional skills
  • Translating common Kentish vocabulary into French
  • Travelling from town to town using our gymnastic skills


...and much, much more! See you next week!


Mr. Gardner and Ms. Earll-Shand



This is where you can find out all about what is happening in Dickens class throughout the year - and to start with, we are very excited about the topic for terms 1 and 2...


We will be delving into the past, present and future of our county; finding out who has lived here, what has happened before and where places are. We will be looking into the life of Charles Dickens (since he lived in Kent as a boy) and then widening our scope to take in the lives of others who have lived in Kent.

Here's a taster of what we will cover across our creative curriculum:

  • Writing recounts of our holidays and travels around Kent, then studying the life and works of Charles Dickens in Literacy
  • Researching distances between towns and cities across the county as well as comparing the prices of different county shops in Maths
  • Studying local maps and drawing our own of Pluckley to scale in Geography
  • Finding out about the story of Canterbury Cathedral and looking into the lives of those who live and work there in History and RE
  • Discovering the links between Kent and Sussex through the Battle of Hastings in History and Art


...and so much more!

Check out the gallery and documents below for more information.

Mr. Gardner and Ms. Earll-Shand