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Pluckley Church of England Primary School ‘Enjoying, Learning and Achieving Together.’

Year 4/5 -

Welcome to Harbour Class!

Terms 3 and 4


We have been an extremely busy Harbour class from January and have an exciting two terms of learning. We have been working particularly hard in our daily grammar lessons to ensure that we are up to date and understand all of the terminology. We are now super writers in grammar and we are going to continue to work hard to apply this to our big writes so that we can become masters of grammar. Alongside this, we have also been looking at a whole range of text types, including narrative poems, recounts, traditional tales, non-chronological reports and performance poetry. I’m surprised that our heads haven’t doubled in size!


In maths we have had a strong focus on number, including learning and practising the written methods and mental strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have recently started to discover how important out multiplication knowledge is to all other areas of maths, such as fractions and in shape when working with area. So much so that Multiplication has become a big focus, thank-you to all of those children who have been working hard at home to learn them too!


People- Our topic of people was an extremely interesting topic. We very much enjoyed having all of our visitors in (people and fury creatures) to share with us what they do. It sure has inspired some of to become vets, self-employed electricians and therapists. We also got into our History lessons where we were able to look at the famous Pluckley Dering family. We even got to go and look and some of their elegant graves in the grave yard!


Space- What an exciting topic! This term we have become astronauts in training in our PE sessions, become astrologers in the observatory and have even learned all about the size and the movement of the Earth in our Science lessons. This is a topic that we are eager to continue into term 5 and will bring us even more fantastic learning opportunities. 


I hope you all have had a wonderful term like I have. I look forward to progressing our learning further in terms 5 and 6.




Children In Need

Thank-you to all of you  for contributing to our fundraising day for children in need. You all looked wonderful in your superhero outfits and we all worked hard to raise money to help those children in need, eating the cakes at the end of the day was my favourite part! 


Term 2

We are now well into a new term and a brand new topic to focus on. Our new topic is festivals and with this brings lots of exciting topics to learn about. In French we will be looking into festivals that happen in 
France and learning all about the different French traditions. Music will allow us to look at different artists who have performed at festivals, using their songs and melodies to help us base our own music on. In art we will be looking at how art festivals display different pieces of art and thinking about the different styles of art you get at an arts festival. In Geography we will be practicing and refining our map reading skills to help us give co-ordinates to all different areas in the world where festivals are celebrated. 

Within our maths lessons we are going to be really focusing on gaining confidence and becoming experts at using the four functions in our work, it would be really helpful if you could practice these at home with your children. Thank you to all of those who worked extremely hard on your homework last term, some of the things that I saw going on at home was just brilliant! Keep up the hard work!




Some of you have already noticed and commented on our change of homework. This year we will be working off the homework grid. This means that you will not be getting a new homework sheet from me every week. Your homework grid has a range of different homeworks on it that will last you the term. You are expected to complete one of these a week. Homework goes out on a Thursday and will collected in and marked on a Tuesday. It is up to you to choose which ever of the homeworks that you like the look of.
In addition to this I will also be giving out a new maths sheet called KIRFS. These are to help children develop mathematical knowledge by heart. These will last a whole term and we will be having small tests to ensure you are looking at these during the week. 
And finally we have our new spelling sheet. These will be handed out every week. These are based on a spelling pattern suitable for the year group. You will have to work through the sheet. I would advise you do this with an adult so that you can make sure the answers are correct- I will also be uploading the answers onto the website weekly so that you can check these are correct. I will then do a spelling test on a Tuesday, picking 10 spellings from the sheet. 

I hope this is more clear for you now. If you have any questions, please do ask. 



Welcome to Term 1 and a new year!

Hello and welcome to a brand new year at Pluckley Primary School! And welcome to the page of years 4 and 5. We are Harbour class, we are named after a British landmark near to where I live!
Firstly I would like to say how much I loved all of your summer homework! It was so lovely to see all the Harbours that you managed to visit and all of the drawings, photos, stories and computer minecraft creations that you spent your time doing. I myself visited Whitstable Harbour on many occasions during the holidays!

Our new term brings the brand new topic of Patterns. We shall be looking at different symmetrical patterns and number patterns in maths. In literacy we shall be looking at different word patterns that we have in our English language. History allows us to look at the development in trains over the years from the very beginning of trains up until now. In Science we will be looking at the patterns in rocks, how important rock is to the world and ow volcanos work. Music allows us to look at musical patterns that we can create as a group and in Art we will be creating different printed patterns using many different materials. 

If you have any questions about our theme of patterns please do not hesitate to ask. 

I am glad you all had a wonderful summer, but I am even more pleased to be starting the new term with you. 

Miss Caie and Mrs Platt.