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Year 4 - Marlowe Class


Welcome to Term 6!

I hope you have had a fabulous weeks break and are now ready for our last term of the year! I cannot believe that the year is going this fast. 
This term is going to be a busy one so I hope that you have had lots of sleep. This term will include us practicing for our end of year KS2 play, sports events, awards ceremonies and the leaving assemblies where we will be saying goodbye to a few people.

Among all of this madness, we will still be focusing a lot on our maths and literacy skills, as well as continuing with developing our computing skills, cooking skills and having an extra special week of Science. 

I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!
Miss Caie. 


Food From Europe!

As part of our topic of around the world Marlowe class will be making foods from all the different continents. This week we have been making foods from Europe! We have made and tasted our salsa (from Spain) and crepes (from France) which were both really yummy! We also tried to make some Hummus (from Greece) but were unfortunatly unable to finish our Hummus as the blender had broken!





Around The World in a Day Day!

What a wonderful Friday we have had! All the children got the chance to visit each of the teachers and their continent. The children have learned a great deal of valuable information about each of the different Continents! The children produced some wonderful artwork with all of the other teachers and were able to show off their line dancing skills with myself. A big thank-you to all the parent helpers that joined us during the day, we could not have done it without you!





Summer Is Here!

A warm welcome back after our two and a half week Easter holidays. I hope you have all had a wonderful holidays, have recharged the batteries and are ready to begin our new term! 
The topic for our new term will be around the world and we will being this  with our around the world in a day day. I am extremely looking forward to presenting my North American knowledge to you all for the day and I know the other teachers have some fantastic activities for you throughout the rest of the day.
For the rest of the next two term we will be:

Learning about an ancient civilization in China,
Finding out about different places in Europe,
Continuing to expand our knowledge of the French language
And cooking some of the different foods found around the world!

This looks to be a very exciting term indeed and I cannot wait to get started! 

Miss Caie



What a wonderful time we all had at Swattenden - the children were an absolute pleasure and we had great fun!!  Check out the photos under 'Latest News'.
I have returned to school to find the renamed Neslowes had built an Anglo Saxon village and had all become members of Edward the Confessor's family!!  They have also had an amazing time and I have attached the photos of their activities below. 


Anglo-Saxon Day

The children had a fantastic day at Kent life for their Anglo-Saxon day. Myself and Ms Berry were really impressed with their costumes so thank-you to parents for getting them ready in time and making them look so fantastic! We were able to share lots of our previous knowledge on the Anglo-Saxons which really impressed everyone and learned lots of new facts as well.





Red Nose Day

Thank-you to all parents and children for giving money for red nose day. It was wonderful seeing all the children in Red on the day. In the afternoon we learned a bit about why and who we were raising money for and made our own funny face pizzas to sell to help raise even more money!





World book Week

During world book week Marlowe class got to listen to every teachers favourite book during their guided reading sessions. They really enjoyed this and worked hard at all the activities they were given. They made extra special effort when dressing up on the Friday. Well Done!





Excellent Dance Skills

A massive well done goes out to  the children of Marlowe class who took part in the Dance showcase at the North School. They behaved beautifully and were such a credit to the school. Their dancing was beyond brilliant and I am very proud of you. A big thank-you to Mrs Moyce who sorted it out for us and supported us throughout and to the parents (whose costume sorting was excellent) for supporting your child and making the effort to come and watch.




Welcome back and welcome to term 4.

I hope you all had a relaxing week and I glad to see that you have all come back safe and well and eager to learn!

What did you spend your February holidays doing?
Ms Berry and I spent it sorting out our Anglo Saxon costumes for our trip this term which we are super excited about!

Do you have yours ready? We would love to see pictures of your costumes if you have! We will even stick them on the website for everyone to see.



Welcome back and welcome to term 3!

I would just like to welcome you all back to school after a well deserved Christmas break. I hope you all had a wonderful holidays and are well rested, ready to start the new term. 

Our topic for the next two terms is going to be the United Kingdom. This allows for us to focus on the Anglo-Saxons in our History lessons. As well as this I know how enthusiastic you all are about the World War 2, thank-you for those of you that did your homework, therefore we will have a couple of lessons based on this based on your opinions in your homework.
In Geography we will be focusing on UK regions, things such as rivers, mountains and climate. 
At the end of this term in our Foreign languages we are going to try and learn a bit of everyday welsh.
For Science our focus is going to be Electricity. There will be a big focus on how we use electricity in the UK and where our electricity comes from.
Finally, in Art/DT we are going to be learning different kinds of stitching used in the UK such as the cross stitch and the back stitch. 

Remember: Attached below is my termly plan if you want to have a look at something with more detail. Every week I also include the homework and the spellings that are given out, as well as fortnightly the teacher led newsletter. 

You all did fantastically well last term, this makes me excited for the coming terms and I hope you will join me with this enthusiasm.

Miss Caie. 



Anti- Bullying Week

Marlowe Class were fantastic during Anti-bullying week. We spent the week making blue friendship bracelets to wear on the Friday and we made friendship hands, saying different things that we like about that person. The children said that this made them feel really good about themselves. The children were very mature when speaking about what bullying is and they are very aware of how to deal with bullying situations. On Friday we all wore blue to celebrate the end of anti-bullying week.



Children in Need

The children looked fantastic coming in as super hero's and in spots to raise money for children in need! We had a discussion in class about what a child in need is and how our money is helping them, the children were very sensitive towards the topic and showed great matureness.
Thank-you to everyone who donated for such a wonderful cause.



Safety Week

Here in Marlowe Class we have started off our Safety week with a visit from Fire Fighter Archie. We learned how to make sure our smoke alarms 

were working and what to do if there is a fire in the house. 

"He was really serious about what he was saying, I learned to always keep calm when there is a fire."
"I learned that the smoke floats up, I didn't know that you had to keep down, but now I do."



Welcome to Marlowe Class page!

We are the year 4 class and your teachers are Miss Caie, Mrs Eatwell and Miss Breach.
Firstly, we hope that you all had a lovely summer and are now ready and excited to start the new term in Marlowe class.

Christopher Marlowe was an English play-writer in the Elizabethan era, he was a great influence on Shakespear's work. He did however, live a very short life and therefore did not write any well-known plays that we refer to today. The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury is named after Marlowe because of his work in theatre. He was born locally in Canterbury and went to the Kings school, he then went onto Cambridge where he got his university degree in the arts. From here he went to work in London for a short time, writing plays which were performed in the west-end for a short time. He was buried in Deptford.

Our whole school theme for this term will be Kent and we will be learning all about Kent through various lessons. We have already learned about some of the History of Pluckley, and you all found some fantastic folk tales from Kent for your homework! If you want to see a more detailed plan of what we will be learning, please refer to our topic web and class timetable which is in the documents below. 


You can also see below some photo' of our classroom environment and as we take more photos in class these will be added also. 

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any queries or questions about anything concerning your child or what we are learning this term.