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Year 2/3 - Oast House

Welcome to Oast House Class!

 12.7.16 Today Oasthouse Class and Harbour Class traveled back in time over 2000 years to spend the day in Ancient Greece.  We learned that they believed in more that 660 gods, including a god of door handles and a god of keys.  They enjoyed their art very much and drew their gods and goddesses with the things they protected.  We learned about the myth of the Judgement of Paris and how the audience's shouts and opinions would have changed the story each time it was acted out.  We also learned how to make out own sand timers and understood how important and complex the measure of time can be.

In the afternoon we created clay vases in the ancient Greek style and made our own friezes, depicting myths and events in daily life.


28.4.16 Investigations Galore!!! Yesterday Oasthouse and Harbour class went to the Science Observatory Centre at Herstmonceux.  We had an amazing time participating in hands-on investigations involved with sound, light, forces, water, cause and effect, the natural world, and our universe.  I now hand over to our intrepid reporters, Luke and George F:

 I was playing at the water park by blocking the water with blue walls.  I like shooting the colours red, green and blue at the circle on the board.  I liked the ball when we turned the screw to make it go up to the top and then it fell around the course. Luke

On the 27th of May 2016 Oasthouse class went to a laboratory to learn about space!  It took more than one hour to get there but it was worth it.  We saw a huge telescope and had a science show it was so interesting.  Next we learned about forces.  I forgot to say we even got to make a water circle which is water travelling round and round.  George F 


24.4.16 Chatting with Tim Peake!  Yesterday representatives from our school, joined children from other schools to have a radio conversation with the ISS and to ask Tim Peake questions.  They spent the day learning about radios and the science of space; and then were present for a radio and visual link with Tim himself.  Children who wanted to attend this event had to send in their top five questions for Tim and Miss Caie chose the children with the best questions to attend.  The organisors of the event then chose which questions would be asked to Tim.  Max was lucky enough to be selected!  Unfortunately the radio connection was not too reliable and so Max did not get the chance to ask his question before they lost contact but I know we are all very proud that he represented our school and I look forward to hearing all about his experience on Monday.  If you would like to watch the radio link, 


11.4.16 Welcome back!  What a wonderful sunny start we had to the Summer Term this morning!  We are continuing our topic of Space until May Half Term.  To support our learning we will be going to the Herstmonceux Observatory with Harbour Class.  We will get the chance to learn more about how our scientists study space with the help of telescopes and explore the practical applications of many different scientific theories.


Check out the photos below for all our fun activities and learning this term!


 26.2.16  Journey into OUTER SPACE!  What a way to start the week and the new topic, spending the morning amongst the stars.  We had a wonderfully exciting and informative experience in the planetarium (see photos below).  We learned about different space missions, the orbit of our planet and how to identify the star constellations.  

In Literacy we have been learning about the life of astronaut Tim Peake, both before and during his time on the ISS.  We have been learning about the features of a newspaper and gathering information, so that next week we can write our own articles about him.

This week in numeracy we have been learning to use our place value knowledge for addition.  Some of us have been partitioning to add multiple two digit numbers, and some have been learning column addition.
Through our topic of Space we have been learning about the design of the International Space Station and discussing why different materials and features have been used.  We have also been learning about what we need for a healthy lifestyle, why it is important, and the difficulties astronauts face in maintaining one.

Next Friday we are celebrating World Book Day, so don't forget to dress up as one of your favourite book characters - heroes and villains welcome!
Why not take a photo of yourself reading in an unusual place, and we will vote on the best on Friday.


9.2.16 Today in RE we have been learning about the lead up to Easter for different Christians around the world. Reverend Chris introduced the topic to us in Monday Worship and explained how Ash Wednesday is celebrated here and by other Christians.  Today we have been focusing on Shrove Tuesday, and how some aspects of Christian worship have become part of the culture.  We have looked at different countries and compared the traditions and practices here in England, to those of the residents of Venice, Rio and New Orleans.  Learning that cultural celebrations, often have Christian origins.  Photos taken by Oliver.



6.2.16 This week's learning round up:
In Maths we are been learning about fractions.  The children have really challenged themselves in the depth and scope of their learning.  We have been identifying and showing fractions using shapes; calculating fractions of numbers; understanding the link between finding fractions and division sentences; and ordering fractions with different denominators.

In Literacy we have moved on to humorous poetry by a variety of poets.  This week we have focused on narrative poetry and the use of language to illustrate the mood and personality of a character.  We have been learning about including direct speech in our writing and creating noun phrases to enhance our writing.

In Science we have been learning about food chains and where different animals appear on theses chains within their habitats.  We learned that an animal's diet - herbivore, omnivore and carnivore, relates to their role within the food chain - predator or prey (consumers).

We've enjoyed our first week with Mrs McCormack, who has taught us about the different properties of 2D and 3D shapes.  We have also been learning to identify root words and about the suffix __er and how it can change verb to a noun eg paint -> painter.

We had a super visit from Mrs Simmons, who is an occupational therapist, specialising in fitting wheelchairs. The children were polite, respectful and enthusiastic and through listening carefully, came up with an impressive and insightful list of questions.  

We are really looking forward to next week's visitors and thank you in advance.


29.1.16  A round up of this week's learning:

This week in numeracy, we have been learning about inverse number sentences and writing all 4 sentences for multiplication and division problems.  We have been learning to solve these problems using different methods. For multiplication we used our times table knowledge OR ten and unit jumps along a numberline.  For division we have been learning to read and draw arrays, including those with remainders.

In literacy we have continued our focus on the author and illustrator Satoshi Kitamura.  In guided reading we found information about him in a written interview.  In EGPS we learned about different conjunctions and their role in adding on subordinate clauses to make complex sentences.  We used Kitamura's illustrations to inspire  the development of our complex sentences and to stimulate the use of adverbs and exciting adjectives in our writing.

In Science we have been learning about the digestive system and actually reproduced the journey our food takes through our body.  Using sequence sentence openers and scientific terminology we wrote up our learning as a chronological report.

Next week Mrs McCormack (Trainee Teacher), will be joining our class every morning until the Easter holidays. 
I know we will all extend her a very warm welcome!


24.1.16 Save our Library!  I'm sure you know how much the children in our class are enjoying the weekly opportunity to use the mobile library.  Unfortunately this service is under threat as KCC are looking at removing the stops that were not used frequently last year, and this is the first year our school has used it.  There is however a way you can all help - there is an online public consultation until March 4th - so you can let the county know that Pluckley Black Horse on Thursday, is a stop in use and required.  Please go to and complete the consultation.  Thank you so much for your support, it will enable not just our class to have access to this wonderful service, but future classes as well.  Thank you!


6.1.16 Happy New Year!! Welcome Back everyone! We have started the new year with great enthusiasm for learning about our new topic of People.  Added to this we were able to meet new people today as three new children joined our class.  Welcome to Sammy James, George and Sienna, I know you are going to have wonderful experiences as part of Oasthouse Class.


8.12.15 Coding Week - Well done year 3 for kicking off our week of coding today by coding for Star Wars, Minecraft and Angry bird!  Harrison and Jack wrote their own game which they are inviting you to try out: 

Just had a go at the game - took me a bit of practice to keep clicking and keep the bird in the air - but I persevered and really enjoyed it!  Thanks boys! Ms Berry


30.11.15 Welcome to our new look webpage!  You will still find all information, photos, videos, documents and weblinks.  

Great to have so many of you signed up to class dojo.  Don't worry if you don't have internet access, this is a behaviour programme for inside school and I'm sure your child will tell you all about how they are doing each week.

The nativity for Year 2 is fast approaching and I know the children are all working hard, learning their words.  Can I ask that all costumes are into school by Wednesday 9th December, all ready for the dress rehearsal on the following Monday.


23.11.15 Festival Week.  I have really enjoyed the energy and information you have all brought back to me each afternoon when I asked you about which festival you have studied in the morning.  You have taught me so much!  We have been having a great time finding out more about each festival and creating art inspired by them.  I know you are all looking forward to being tour guides on Wednesday and showing your parents the artwork you have made!  

17.11.15 Build your own Minecraft code!!  I've just had a great website link from Vicki Carmichael which includes a very clear and easy to follow coding lesson for children, using the game Minecraft.  I will include more information on the homework letter this week but have attached a link to the website below.  There are video tutorials from the creators of Minecraft and then coding tasks - I really enjoyed it and I know you will to!  The link I have attached is to the company website as they offer coding lessons in other games, not just Minecraft, for those of you who prefer something different for your avatar.  










12.11.15 Children in Need!  It was great to have a class full of spotty super heroes today!  We wrote wonderful stories about    how we save the world as super heroes, when we are not at school learning as our alter egos.

5.11.15 Library Bus!  What an exciting day we had today with our first visit to the library bus!  Everyone with a library card was able to go on to the mobile library, meet Andy the Librarian and borrow a book.  The library bus only stops for a short time opposite the school so we had to decide fast!!  But he's back next week so if we decide it's not the right book for us we can change it.  Those of us who haven't got our cards yet or were unable to go on the bus, chose a fairy tale book of Mrs Berry's to take home and read, as that is our current topic in literacy.
This week we have been improving our multiplication knowledge and learning about the relationship between multiplication and division. 

2.11.15 Welcome to Festivals!!  Welcome back everyone, I hope you've had a great week and had the chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful autumn colours we have this year!!  As you may have guessed our new creative curriculum topic for this term is FESTIVALS!!  We will be learning about festivals celebrated in different cultures, and countries and by different religions, as well as some of those we celebrate ourselves.  This is a wonderful topic for celebrating the diversity of Britain and great for teaching tolerance, as many of the festivals that started abroad are now celebrated by communities here at home.
You will find the Festival topic web in the documents section below, as well as a revised weekly timetable.  We are no longer having dance on Tuesdays, but Music and Drama instead.  The year 3s have finished their Tennis sessions and the year 2 sessions are not due to start until after Christmas.


22.10.15 You all looked super wearing a little pink today and well done for the amazing effort, because as a school we have raised over £100 for Breast Cancer Research!



9.10.15 - We have been extending our understanding of poetry by looking at performance poems.  We have been learning about the differences in reading, reciting and performing a poem.  We have watched Benjamin Zephaniah perform some of his poems and understood that movement, actions, volume and tone of voice can all improve a performance.  In pairs we worked on learning a section of a poem off by heart, and finding different ways to perform it.  I have then filmed the performances and put them together to produce the complete poem.  So have a watch of Pencil Me In! (I do start it off but persevere and your child will appear!).


5.10.15 Poetry - This week we are learning about poems by Benjamin Zephaniah, the wonderful performance poet.  We will be learning about the different styles of poetry that he writes; the unusual language he uses; the rhythm and pace of his poems; and how to perform and recite poems effectively.  So far we have been inspired by his poem 'For Word' and as a table, written our own versions.  I have attached recordings of these in our photo section.

23.9.15 The Oasthouses visit an Oasthouse!!  
We had a wonderful school trip to Great Dixter this week.  In the morning we had a tour of their Oasthouse, looking inside the stowage, kilns and drying rooms.  We met a man who had picked hops as a boy and worked as a driers mate as a teenager.  We were able to ask him lots of questions about what life was like for the hop pickers of the past and learned about the daily workings of an oasthouse.  The workers on the hop farm would travel down from the cities and stay in the workers huts which they decorated each year.  They lived inside but cooked meals on an open fire and so we made pancake mixture and went into the woods to build a fire and cook pancakes!!
After lunch we visited the wonderful gardens at Great Dixter and drew the shapes and textures of the plants and flowers we saw there.  Then inspired by the traditional and unusual, we carved printing blocks and created nature prints.
Everyone was incredibly well behaved and enthusiastic, even in the face of sudden changes in weather.
I would like to say a huge thank you to all the mums who braved the deluge to accompany us on the trip and an extra thanks to everyone for sending their children so well prepared!

Welcome to Oasthouse Class!! 

I chose our name because Oasthouses are a unique feature in our local environment and one I enjoy seeing everyday on my drive to work.  You are each unique members of our school and I enjoy seeing you every day!!

I am very excited about our class trip next week when we will get to visit a traditional Oasthouse.  We are going to talk to a man who used to work in one and learn about the Hop industry and the people who came to Pluckley and Kent each season to work.

I have attached our Creative Curriculum Topic web for this term and the class timetable, which shows when we have PE each week.  I have also attached the homework grid and KIRFs for this term.  I will attach the homework letter and spellings each week.  Please let me know if it would help for me to scan and upload the spelling worksheets every week.

This term in Art we have been learning about printing.  Last week we carved our own printing blocks out of vegetables, experimenting with different types of vegetables and how easy they were to carve.  Then using our new printing blocks, we created repeating patterns by changing the position of our stamp or the colour of our prints.
This week we have been printing using autumn leaves as our printing stamps.  First, we thought about which shaped leaves were best suited to create different vegetable pictures.  Second we explored the recreational ground, orchard and churchyard to find the best leaves for this project.  Finally using a variety of shaped leaves and different coloured paints, we printed them to create pictures of vegetables that are harvested in England every autumn.  I have attached some pictures of our leaf hunt today.

Please keep an eye on our webpage for regular updates!!


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