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WB - 30.09.2019

This week, in Maths, we have been continuing our learning on number and place value. We started the week with ordering numbers through using concrete materials in groups to help us visualise bigger and smaller groups. We then went on to develop our place value knowledge further through looking at the ones and tens in two digit numbers and what they represent, whilst the Year 1 children focused on finding one more than a number, looking at how this meant the number was bigger and applied their knowledge to help solve trickier problems. In Literacy this week we began by predicting what a story will be about using only the front cover - without knowing the title! After this we read the story - George Saves the World by Lunchtime - having a whole class discussion about the story, using the 5 W's as a basis for finding out information about the story. Next we will be using our knowledge of the story to retell it in our own words. In Topic we have been practising for our Harvest Festival - in which the children did brilliantly! We also discussed seasons and how they change, which season we are entering now and the colours that we might see. We then made harvest crowns using these colours as well as adding lots of fruit and veg that farmers might Harvest at this time of year. In RE this week we have been thinking about what is special about our world. In particular how people are special and why God might have created them. We will continue this next week where we will be thinking about why Jesus is special and the special things he did. Finally this week we had our special Western Themed day where we learnt all about cowboys, what they wear, where they live and the transport they use. We also did LOTS of dancing to Steps - 5, 6, 7, 8 and Cotton Eye Joe!


Click the link below to see all of the photos taken of our rooting, tooting cowboys and cowgirls!