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WB - 16.09.2019

We have had yet another non-stop week here in Holly Class!


We started the week by reading the text "10 Things I Can Do To Help My World". We discussed what makes a sentence a question, looking at a variety of question words and the correct punctuation. We then came up with some question about the book. For example one question the children came up with was 'Is it better to walk or drive?'. We discussed how we could up level the questions by starting them with "why" so we get an explanation - not just yes or no. Next we thought about things that interest a reader about a book, and what we enjoy ourselves when we read. We then began planning our own lift the flap books based on the title "How can you help the world?". The children have been using their knowledge from our topic to help them suggest ways that we can better care for our world. 


In Maths this week we have been developing our knowledge of number through understanding the difference between numbers in words and numbers in numerals - which has also linked to our counting skills. We have started to look at the place value of digits within a number and have been using our knowledge of counting in groups of 10.


In Topic this week we have been researching the history of waste disposal and collection. We went all the way back to 1066 on our timeline to see how disgustingly dirty the streets were, working our way through different events in time from laws being introduced, fines being imposed, the first binmen to be employed, the industrial revolution creating waste management systems to the first bins and sewers being introduced. The children used their knowledge to make a comparison between waste management and disposal from back then and how it is in the current day.