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On Monday 7th July we had a Pirate Day to raise money for Mrs Loader's Challenge! We helped Captain Hook to solve his mathematical flag problem by finding a system! We wrote descriptive stories about meeting  'The night pirates' and made pirate hats and telescopes. We decorated pirate  biscuits and we played pirate board games! We had a brilliant time!

Over the last two weeks we have been thinking about traditional rhymes and using them to inspire our learning. We have written poems using the pattern and rhythm  of London's Burning and have learnt and performed some rhymes to the class! Have a look at our photographs!

On Wednesday 11th June we spent a fabulous day in Hastings!
 We visited the Lifeboat Centre and listened to an interesting talk about the amazing work that they do, and the equipment they use .We were allowed to try on life jackets and crash helmets and imagine being a lifeboat person.
We enjoyed a lunchtime   picnic on the beach and observed some low flying seagulls. We also discovered lots of different shells, pebbles and strange objects while we were there!
We went to the Blue Reef Aquarium and found out lots of fascinating facts about sea life.  We observed many creatures we recognised and we learnt about some new ones as well!
We loved going through the tunnel as it felt like we were under the ocean! We also enjoyed taking part in the aquarium fact finding quiz.
Some of us were very tired and fell asleep on the journey home from a long and happy day!
We would like to say a huge thank-you to all the parent helpers who came with us and shared our exciting experience.

We have had a fantastic week solving Mr and Mrs Grinling's seagull problem! We have made 'lighthouse sandwiches and have created a set of instructions.

We have also designed and created pirate ships and have thought carefully about the materials we should use to ensure our pirate ships floated! We still had some surprises and we will be re-evaluating our ideas!

In Numeracy we have been solving missing number problems and finding systems and patterns to organize our thinking and figure out the solution.

We have been really enjoying our learning about oceans this term. We have been thinking about where the oceans are in the world and the bodies of water which surround Great Britain.

We have learnt about uses of water, the water cycle, pollution and acid rain!

We have made mops for Cinderella and bridges for the Billy Goats Gruff.

 We have also been looking at art work by Monet and have particularly focused on his famous paintings of his pond and the water lilies.

Next term we will be thinking about historical sea travel, famous sailors, boats and pirates which we are really excited about!

We will also be learning a lot more about ocean creatures and have our school trip to look forward to, to inspire our learning!