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The Snowman's Coat

 To continue our learning in Science and 'Materials' we have been exploring which type of materials are best for keeping things cool or hot. 
Despite it being a warm day today, we used snowmen in an experiment today to test these properties about materials!
We made some snowmen (frozen cups of water) but wanted to make them last as long as possible and stop them from melting!
Most of us thought that the snowman who wore a coat would melt quickest as coats are usually used to keep people warm.Some of us used socks as a coat to cover one snowman, while some of us designed our own coats, carefully choosing different materials. Some children used data loggers to keep a more accurate reack on how the tempaerature affected the snowmen and whether they melted.
It was interesting to see that most of the snowmen who had been wearing the coat had melted less than the ones without a coat- something that most of us had not been expecting!