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Terms 3 & 4

16.4.15 Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful sunshine and the last few days of the Easter holidays. Just a quick reminder of the holiday homework - a non-chronological report on a continent of your choice, teaching your class mates about the types of places and people who live in the countries within it (the full homework can be found below in the documents section).
This is in preparation of our new school wide topic: Countries of the World! I have attached the topic web below to show you how our learning in all subjects will be linked to this.
See you Monday!!

1.4.15 What a wonderful time we all had at Swattenden - the children were an absolute pleasure and we had great fun!! Check out the photos under 'Latest News'.
I have returned to school to find the renamed Neslowes had built an Anglo Saxon village and had all become members of Edward the Confessor's family!! They have also had an amazing time and I have attached the photos of their activities below.

27.3.15 Spring is Here!!
Have a wonderful Easter holidays everyone!



24.3.15 Time Travel! What a wonderful learning experience we had today!!  We traveled back in time 1000 years and due to our super costumes we blended in perfectly! We learned about the different Anglo Saxons kingdoms; met one of their most notorious leaders; participated in different types of
entertainment; learned which animals they kept and why; and finally had a go at turning wool into yarn. Thank you to all the parents who supported us, (both on our trip and making the costumes) and to the children of Nesbit and Marlowe class who were wonderfully behaved and made myself and Miss Caie very proud.



20.3.15 Busy Week! What a busy week it has been! We started the week with parent's evening, went on to

learn about democracy with ice-cream and finished it with a solar eclipse. In preparation for the upcoming elections we have been learning about democracy and the political system we have in the UK. We had an election for the flavour of ice-cream you would choose if you could only eat one flavour forever.  The candidates for Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry all wrote their arguments and then had to present them to the class to persuade their voters to choose their flavour. Then we each completed a ballot paper, and posted them into the ballot box. I counted the votes and Vanilla had the majority so they won!! There was celebration and disappointment. As I voted for Chocolate, I am already looking forward to 4 years time when I get to vote again!

Today we started the day and prepared for the solar eclipse by making our own pinhold projector. Unfortunately due to the cloud cover we had to watch the progression of the moon across the sun, live from the bbc on the whiteboard. We went outside twice to take note of the change in environment and although the birds kept singing, it definitely got colder (we checked the thermometer), and the day got darker. We were very surprised that it did not get as dark as we expected, but this showed us how powerful the light of the sun really is and that even with only a small smile of the sun showing, there is still enough light to see by.

We then had a practice with a partner of using our pinhole projectors so that in 2026 when there is a solar eclipse with 91 percent coverage in the UK, we will know how to view it safely.


18.3.15 Parents Consultations. Thank you all for coming to see me over the last two days, it has been great to get the chance to talk to you about your child. I hope you know how proud and pleased I am with them all!!! Please do share the report with your child, so that they get to know how impressed I have been with their learning so far.

Last Friday was Red Nose Day and we raised money by buying red noses; bringing a £1 and dressing in red; and by making Funny Face Food and selling it at the end of the day! Using our D&T skills, we looked at the ingredients available and then planned our faces - some people even designed them to match this year's noses - we had a snorkel diver, a spaceman and a cyclops! I have attached some photos of our finished products - before we ate them YUM YUM!


6.3.15 World Book Day! It was wonderful to meet so many great characters today!  I didn't have two books the same. We started our day with a wonderful parade around the church, seeing everyone else's costumes and showing off our own. After that we wrote about the character we had chosen to be and described their personality and their story. Just before lunch, we enjoyed hearing Alice (Miss Caie) tell us her favourite story about magic crayons!




3.3.15 Lilly our class mascot, has got into the Anglo Saxon spirit and dressed up as a fearsome warrior!! Mrs Earl Shan joined us today to share one of her favourite stories - Diary of a Wombat - as part of World Book Week. I look forward to finding out about your favourite books and characters on Friday, so don't forget your costumes!





27.2.15 Happy St David's Day!! 

26.2.15 Class Assembly - Thank you for joining us for our class assembly yesterday. We really enjoy sharing our learning with others and so it was wonderful to see so many of you there!






22.2.15 Welcome Back to term 4!!
Ms Caie and I are sorting out our Anglo Saxon costumes - have you got yours ready?
I hope you have all had a wonderful week off and are ready to head back in time over 1000 years to learn all about the Anglo Saxons! We will be having extra PE this term, in the form of Gym, so please bring your PE kit in every Monday. And remember that this Wednesday is our Class Assembly - see you there!


10.2.15 Pancake Day! I am very impressed with a full class success rate at pancake flipping! We had heavy frying pans but everyone managed to flip their own pancake and then followed their own plan for the filling. I know that we are a week early for pancake day and I hope that many of you will be enjoying more pancakes next Tuesday. Pancakes are enjoyed in almost every country in the world, with each culture changing and adapting the recipe to suit the ingredients that grow there and the tastes of the people who live there.
If you are going aboard next week, find out what type of pancakes the local people eat! If you are staying at home, ask your friends and family what their favourite filling is? Does anyone eat savoury pancakes?
Do people just eat them on Pancake Day or on other days as well?


6.2.15 Welsh Dinners! Year 3 have been making Cheesy Leeks and Welsh Lamb Patties in D&T. This is the ingredients to make Cheesy Leeks: You need milk, flour, butter, and leeks, cheese. This is the ingredients for Lamb Patties: You need egg, mince, an onion, mashed potato and one leek. First you put oil and then the lamb mince in the saucepan and keep on turning it over till all of it goes brown. Then chop the leek up, and the onion, and put them both in the saucepan. Then stir it up till it looks ready. After that take the saucepan out to cool, and stir the mash with sweetcorn and mint jelly. Then crack the egg. Once the mince has cooled, mix them both together (mince and mash). Beat the egg, then pour it into the bowl with mash in it. Next put flour on the table, then get the mixture and make it into quite thin circles, then put them on the frying pan to cook. Then you have the eat them!! Written by Tom.


27.1.15 Actively Learning! It has been a day of practical learning, as we have started off our unit on
measurement, by measuring our fellow classmates and teachers! We discussed the rules for accurate measuring and discovered and shared more useful pointers as the lesson progressed. We have also learned to record each measurement in a variety of ways - all centimetres ( 148cm); both metres and centimetres ( 1m and 48cm) and using a decimal place to show the amount in just metres ( 1.48m). The Nesbit's have shown great team work and attention to detail.


27.1.15 Scottish Cooking! This week's D&T recipes saw everyone learn to cook on the hob! We reviewed our kitchen safety rules and even came up with a new one - never leave a cooking pot on the stove, even if you are not stirring it, you must stay and watch it. We followed two recipes closely, both traditional Scottish desserts that can be served as pudding on Burns Night. We tried them both and decide they would suit different seasons as the Clootie Dumpling was hot and served with custard and the Cranachan was cold and included fresh fruit.
I have been very impressed with everyone's behaviour today - taking turns and working together to read the recipe and measure out the ingredients; being careful and sensible when working at the hot stove; concentrating on the presentation of their dish; and being brave and trying at least a little of each dessert! The other teachers were licking their lips when I showed them the photos of what you had made and Mrs Askey Brown says she's hoping to pop in next week to have a taste!


25.1.15 Watching the birds. I took the dog for a walk today and thought that would be a good time to look for birds but found it really difficult to identify them because they were all flying. Then when I read the instructions from RSPB more closely I realised that they needed to be down on the ground, so when I got home I found some old RiceKrispies and sprinkled some on the ground and some on an old bench in the garden. I was worried that I would have to wait a long time but within 5 minutes I had seen 2 Blue Tits, 2 House Sparrows, 1 Robin and a very greedy Blackbird who kept trying to scare the others away so he could eat it all! I even saw a nosy Crow come and watch what was going on from the chimney of next door. I'm going to eat my lunch while looking out the window to see what else comes to visit! Hope you've spotted some birds too!

23.1.15 Bird Watching!! This weekend is the RSPB's annual Bird Watching tally - they ask families from all over the country to spend 1hour this weekend looking for, identifying and recording the birds around them. You can do this from your sitting room looking out the window; while playing in the park or while walking the dogs in the woods. It's a great way to notice, enjoy and appreciate the wonderful variety of birds that call England their winter home. You can register free at the RSPB website (I'll add it to the links at the bottom of this page) and there is a free info pack to help you identify the birds you spot. Wrap up warm and have fun!!


21.1.15 Burns Night!! Yesterday we celebrated Burns Night in Nesbit Class! No whiskey, but
lots of nips, tatties, haggis and poetry from Robert Burns. We discussed other event
s which have special food associated with them, and talked about the Scots language and slang.

14.1.15 Cooking up a treat! This week we have been learning about traditional food from Ireland. We know that potatoes and soda bread made in a pan are both considered Irish foods, in fact in the Irish myth we read last week, a very clever giant added a secret ingredient to her griddle bread.
Before we started, we discussed the risks of the kitchen and wrote our own safety rules for preparing food and cooking. We cooked Irish Champ and Irish Soda Farls (meaning 'in four parts'). We worked carefully to follow the recipe and took turns in sharing the preparation, but we ALL took part in the taste test! I have been requested to add the recipes to the website and will continue to do this with everything we cook.

3.1.15 Welcome Back Nesbits!!! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas break and feel refreshed and ready for 2015. Our new topic is the United Kingdom and so we will be learning about England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.
In preparation for the new term, can you find the name and location of each of their capital cities?
I have attached the Topic Web for the Spring Term to give you a sneak peak of what's to come.
See you on Monday!