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Pluckley Church of England Primary School ‘Enjoying, Learning and Achieving Together.’

Terms 1 & 2


17.12.14 Getting stuck in!!  This week we have been working  on a Winter Decorations Project.  We have learned about different units of measurement and drawing symmetrical shapes in maths; we have use imperative verbs to write instructions for our recipe; and today we put our skills to the test in D&T by measuring and mixing up our own salt dough!  We have carefully cut out the designs we chose earlier in the week; adapted some due to unexpected problems and used cutters for others.  Tomorrow we will be showing our artists flair by decorating them!


5.12.14 Sinterklaas  and Zwarte Piet.  We have been learning about the Dutch folktale of Sinterklaas who 
rides a white horse and visits children on the night of December 5th.  Children leave out one of their shoes with hay and a carrot for his horse and they sing Sinterklaas songs.  Then when they are sleeping, Zwarte Piet (Sinterklaas's helper), listens at the chimney to hear if the children have been good and then sneaks in and puts money or sweets in their shoe if they have been good and coal if they have been naughty!!  
Everyone has been working so hard in Nesbit class, I'm sure we won't get any coal!


3.12.14 Christmas Fayre - Thank you for coming to the fayre and supporting our hard work.  As a school we raised over £200, which the School Council will be using to buy playtime equipment and activities!  
We have worked very hard on D&T this term, learning about the different qualities of textiles and working with them in a variety of ways.  You have seen the results of the colour patterns we planned for our wreaths.  We are also very proud of our group work on our church banner - we planned the colours and materials we would use, then selected suitable textiles and cut them to the right shape and size.  I will be adding photos very soon but for the full effect - pop into the church!


24.11.14 T ennis - Well Done to all the children who took part in the Tennis Tournament at Norton Knatchbull School today.  You worked hard and played well!!  I have added lots of photos from the afternoon to the latest news section of the website - check out 
the concentration on their faces, and the action shots!  The rest of the class went as pairs into the other classrooms to aid the teachers and to find out what each year group is learning.  I have had VERY positive reports back about all of you - both with behaviour and involvement!  I am very proud of the whole class!

20.11.14 Thank you for coming to join us at our assembly yesterday - we really enjoyed sharing our learning with you!  Looking forward to seeing everyone in BLUE tomorrow.

14.11.14  Great Super heroes today!  It was wonderful to see so many of you showing the wonderful characteristics of the role models you had chosen to dress up as!  In our class we had the scientific minded, problem solving XMen Beast; we had Batman, Spiderman, Super Rowan and Iron Man - helping people; doctors to look after us and even Purple Plasma to burn up unfriendly viruses!  We also had Pluckley School role models showing the school values; spotty people being kind and showing tolerance and members of our own family who we look up to and respect.  Thank you all for getting involved with such a worthy cause.



Well Done everyone - we raised over £100 for the Poppy Appeal!
11.11.14  Today we joined members of the British Legion and locals from the village for 2 minutes silence to remember those who had fought and fallen in wars.

7.11.14 News Flash!  At the end of last term we were learning about Non-Chronological Reports in Literacy and using this style of writing to share the information we learned about World War 2.  We each researched an aspect of World War 2 that we had become interested in, from our class trip to Brenzett Museum.  We wrote our non-chronological reports in the form of a news report and then presented them as if we were reading the news.  You can watch the reports from Nesbit News! below.

5.11.14 Welcome back!!!  Sorry that the weather has been miserable but we have been having great fun inside with our learning.  Tennis has finished now except for the Tournament in a couple of weeks, but we will be continuing Thursday PE with Dance this term, so please bring in you PE kits tomorrow and Friday.
Mrs Moyce has sent home Cross-Country invitations to some of you but there are many more who would love to take part.  If you know you are unable to go, please let us know so someone else can use your place.  Thanks


  Great fundraising!! It's wonderful to see everyone dressed up in pinks and reds today - thank you all for your donations.  We have also had a lot of fun decorating cakes to sell at this afternoons Bake Sale for Breast Cancer Research.
With the newsletter this week I have attached the Folkestone Triennial brochure, as we have been learning in D&T about sculpture and studied some of the permanent pieces as our Artist Study.  There are some exceptional pieces this year that will be displayed until the end of half term, so I wanted to share the information with you. 

Have a wonderful half term - see you in November!!



15.10.14 Apple Sculptures.   Last week we looked at different materials that have been used for sculptures.  We each chose the material or combination of materials we wanted to use to make our own apple.  This week we have worked carefully to produce an apple to match our real apple.  I am very impressed with the results and wanted to share photos of the process and finished pieces.  The apples will be coming home at half term but this is a sneak peek!


14.10.14  Enjoying  the harvest!  At the beginning of the term I set you a homework to find, pick and eat the fruit and vegetables growing in and around your gardens.  Cameron made chutney with the fruit and vegetables he picked and brought some in for us to try.  It was not ready to eat until 13th October and so we have had it safely stored away with a reminder note.  So today we started our afternoon with the wonderful treat of crackers and home made chutney - yum yum!!


9.10.14 Thank you for joining us for our Harvest festival, it was lovely to have so many of you celebrating with us!  To create  our acrostic poem we all wrote our own acrostic poem for HARVEST and then offered our favourite line to create the class poem.






8.10.14 We had a wonderful day today on our class trip to the Brenzett Aeronautical Museum!!  We were welcomed by volunteer John who talked us through the Advanced Landing Airstrip display, teaching us about doodlebug bombs and how the planes stationed at Brenzett and Egerton flew to tip doodlebugs with their wing tips.  We met a member of the Home Guard, and had a great time investigating a variety of groups and activities based in Kent during World War 2, including the Ashford Nurses Unit, the RAF, and the land girls.  We had a special guest on our visit, as Julius's great uncle came to join us and told us all about his time flying planes in the RAF.
We finished our day with a trip to the Egerton Airstrip and the War Memorial on Bedlam lane.  There we met Mr Palmer, who had lived there when the airstrip was made and told us about the different airmen who lived at the strip.
Thank you so much Mrs Cryer, Mr Clarke, Mr Shorter, Graham and Mr Cox - we couldn't have had this wonderful learning experience without you!!


5.10.14 What an exciting week we have had learning about all different aspects of Health and Safety!!  We started the week with a gr eat visit from the fire brigade, who taught us how to stay safe if there is a fire in our house and how to prevent one by checking our home smoke alarms every week.  Later in the week we were visited by a group from the Red Cross who taught us how to treat severe cuts and choking; how to roll an unconscious person into a safe position and even CPR.  Dr Warrilow visited on Thursday and taught us about Healthy Eating.  Then lastly on Friday, the police came and talked to us about e safety and taught us how to stay safe when online.
We have made information posters about each of the areas we have learned about and will be sharing them with Postgate Class on Monday, to help them to learn about how to be safe in fires and on the computer; to call 999 in a first aid emergency, and how to eat right.


1.10.14 We have been working hard preparing for the upcoming Harvest Festival.  We  are proudly displaying our Harvest banner in the church.  We painted fruits and vegetables grown and harvested in Kent; Pluckley apple trees; and weaved corn dollies to celebrate successful harvests. 
Today we worked hard to create the newest member of our class - Lilly the scarecrow.  Julius and Jack took photos of the class during her creation.

24.9.14  Homework went out today.  Can I please remind you that all homework in Year 3 is compulsory this year.  I know that some of you keep your completed checkers at home, so please add a note in your Learning log each week, letting me know they have been completed.   Thanks.


Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Welcome everyone to the Nesbit Class Webpage.  We are Year 3 and are named after the fiction writer E.Nesbit.  Edith Nesbit lived in Kent both as a child and again as an adult.  The area greatly inspired her writing, especially The Railway Children – the film version of which was filmed along the railway line near Appledore.  She died in 1924 and is buried in the graveyard at St.Mary in the Marsh.  She is famous for writing exciting and sometimes magical stories that happen to normal, everyday children.  In our Guided Reading sessions we are reading a variety of her stories, including The Railway Children, 5 Children and It, The Enchanted Castles and Book of Beasts.  As a class we are reading The Phoenix and the Carpet.

Below I will be including some photos of our classroom to show you the environment we work in.  I will also include some photos of our trip around Pluckley to collect adjectives for our Pluckley imagery poems; and some photos of our mental maths learning.  Most recently we had a wonderful afternoon in our Houses, competing in Sports Day.

In the documents section I have added our timetable – PE is Thursdays and Fridays; also our curriculum map to show our links with Kent (our school theme); and our Medium term plan to show you what we will be learning over the current term.

Every week I will attach the homework and spelling lists, which can be viewed or downloaded if you misplace your copies.

I will be using our webpage to regularly update you on all our exciting learning activities and events.

from Ms Berry and Mrs Platt