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Pluckley Church of England Primary School ‘Enjoying, Learning and Achieving Together.’


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Sycamore Class

We are Sycamore Class (lower Key Stage 2), Years 3 and 4. We are excited learners and very busy in our Class with Mrs Peall, Miss Bottle and Mrs Deacon.

We are aiming to be independent learners and know we have to try our very best in all we do. We know we need to take more responsibility for organising our belongings and completing tasks but the adults in our lives will support us with this.


Things to remember:

Home learning is given out on a Monday and returned for a Friday.

Our P.E. takes place every Tuesday afternoon.

We should aim to read every night and this can be either a book from home or a school book.

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Weekly round up!



In our assembly we wanted to show the value of true friendship. We asked, what makes a good friend? We also encouraged everyone to think about themselves and ask,  are you a good friend? We realised we are all lucky to have friends as  life would be sad and lonely without them. Sycamore  Class demonstrated with a show of 'thumbs' which values we thought a friend should have and shared them in poems and fables. The audience were encouraged to join in with this and also to say thank you to their friends during the assembly. Finally our school value of 'Friendship' was perfectly captured, as Sycamore Class  beautifully sang, 'Count on Me'  by Bruno Mars to show how we need to be a friend first.


This week in English we have begun to analyse the characters, plot and punctuation used in our new shared text 'The Firework -Maker's Daughter' by Phillip Pullman. We have tried to use commas for clarity in our writing.
In Maths we have begun column multiplication and have used 'the long method' (showing partitioning before calculating the total) and then Y4 have moved on to using 'the short method' (showing exchange as a 'carried' digit).
In Science, we examined the particles which make up solids liquids and gases.
In Topic we have used an atlas (and Google maps) to locate mountains, mountain ranges and information about their height.

This week we have also begun to plan our assembly about Friendship in RE (next Wednesday 22/1/20 - 9am in the church).



In Sycamore Class this week we have;
used multiplication to solve related number problems (Y3 = using 'ten times bigger' /Y4= finding factors and reasoning about numbers).
Revised the past tense in English (adding 'ed' and looking at exceptions) before developing this in the progressive tense (I was ___ing/ I am ___ing).
Started our new topic 'Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes' by looking at the image of Tenzing Norgay on Everest and finding out facts about the first successful ascent of the Mountain. We then wrote a diary as though we had climbed the mountain.
We have begun our Science topic by sorting images of 'solids, liquids and gases'. All in all a busy five days!



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The Diary of an Autumn Leaf

'Journeys' -Mountains, Volcanos and Earthquakes. Demonstrating 'Dome' and 'Fault Block' formation.

One World- finding out about our local area and if the future is sustainable for our village.

Christmas Child- the box wrapping