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Pluckley Church of England Primary School ‘Enjoying, Learning and Achieving Together.’


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Sycamore Class

We are Sycamore Class (lower Key Stage 2), Years 3 and 4. We are excited learners and very busy in our Class with Mrs Peall, Miss Bottle and Mrs Deacon.

We are aiming to be independent learners and know we have to try our very best in all we do. We know we need to take more responsibility for organising our belongings and completing tasks but the adults in our lives will support us with this.


Things to remember:

Home learning is given out on a Monday and returned for a Friday.

Our P.E. takes place every Tuesday afternoon.

We should aim to read every night and this can be either a book from home or a school book.

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Weekly round up!


Thank you to all who could make it for coming along to support our assembly. Sycamore Class were able to recall lots of facts to share about sound.
This week:
We have examined a story from Haiti this week 'Monkey and the Papa God' which we have retold in our own words by embellishing the story with a poem we created. We have used adverbs (all) and adverbial phrases in our work (Y4). We have used (Y3) /revised (Y4) speech marks .
We have continued to use column subtraction in Maths and have been using exchange (borrowing).
We have thought about the Holy Trinity and the incarnation of God as Jesus in RE, using colours and symbols to represent this.
We have investigated sound waves and the journey of sound to our brain.






We have delved straight into our new topics for the half term this week. 'Imagine...' and 'what can we learn form stories?' being our key question. With this in mind, we have begun to research the Vikings and complete a non chronological account of information about their origins, how they lived and travelled. We will be using 'Tales of Wisdom and Wonder' as our class text to develop the idea of the oral story tradition teaching cultural heritage and morals.
In Maths we have begun looking at subtraction, progressing from the counting on method to find the difference to column subtraction with no exchange.
In Science we have looked at how sounds are made and will be presenting some facts about listening in our class assembly Wednesday Morning (6.11.19). Please join us if you are able to.


The Diary of an Autumn Leaf

One World- finding out about our local area and if the future is sustainable for our village.