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Sports Week 2011

The children of Pluckley School celebrated sports week last week which was enjoyed a lot by all that took part. At the beginning of the week, children made sports pledges from running around the garden three times a day, to learning how to play rugby.

On Wednesday and Friday, Keith (aka Shabz) visited with his DJ, Annie,  to teach the children some street dancing. Shooting Starts and Lightyears spooked their teachers with the dance to Thriller, including scary zombie faces, whilst Thunderbirds, Jedis and Timelords learnt a dance to one of Usher's songs involving chest popping, jumping, sliding, clapping and all manner of interesting moves. The children (and some teachers) also had the opportunity to make up their own routines, which were shown on Friday.

We were also very lucky to have James the golfer come to see us on Thursday. He taught the children about chipping and putting, and they all had a go at raising the most points for their class by hitting targets, or gettings balls into a basket. Timelords class won in the end, but it was close call with the other classes not too far behind them.