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PGL - Day 4

Day four dawned over PGL Liddington with the sun shining and the children in great spirits.  After breakfast, we made our way to the lake ready for the first 'wet' activity of the day: raft-building.  The children got stuck into the task immediately, working together as a team to build an unsinkable vessel.  While some groups' attempts were extremely ambitious, others stuck to the tried and tested model.  Nevertheless, it was all down to the water: whose would sink, and whose would float?  Oars and bodies went everywhere and the children looked like startled rabbits who had been thrown into a very muddy lake.  While some children tried to initially stay dry, the instructors made sure everyone had a good soaking.  In addition, with the teachers splashing them left, right and centre, everyone left the lake completely drenched.

After a Chinese-style lunch (Mr Byrne-Smith was disappointed that the Russian chef didn't give him the double helping he was expecting), the group set off towards the abseiling tower.  This task was a challenge which had it all: vertigo, sharp drops and nailbiting fear.  However, the children did themselves proud, leaning backwards over the edge and descending the tower in a way that would have impressed the SAS.  After this, we ambled to the Aeroball arena, which was a high-octane, high-drama, high-bouncing trampoline game. The aim, simple: to get the ball in your opponent's net.  The stand-out player who impressed the instructor and fellow pupils alike was Paige, who game after game scored goal, goal goal.

A swift dinner and a final visit to the PGL shop followed, and the group headed to the field to complete our last evening activity: shoe golf.  We flicked our shoes around a field, aiming for the 'holes' which were marked out on the ground.  It was great fun, and enjoyed by all.  Congratulations to Finlay R and Callum who demonstrated the 'closest to the pin' and 'longest drive' competitions respectively.

With the final morning approaching, we are starting to reflect on a fantastic week so far, nevertheless looking forward to getting back home.

More photos to come this weekend...