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PGL - Day 3

After a slightly sleepier start this morning, the children donned their waterproofs and set off fior the day's activities!  We started on the archery range, where the children 'baked a cake' with the colours of the target.  Then we climbed an enormous wobbly tower and proceeded to throw ourselves down the zipwire.  Despite being slightly hesitant to begin with, all the children agreed that the adrenaline rush was well worth the nailbiting moments spent on the edge of the ledge.

After lunch, the children headed to the most difficult activity so far: the trapeze.  After climbing what can only be described as a telegraph pole, the children stood on a tiny platform above the forest and jumped off, trying to grab the trapeze bar hanging slightly out of reach.  The instructors moved the bar even further out of reach for Mr Byrne-Smith, which left him trembling 20m in the air.  Lastly the children learnt the terms 'honguard' and 'touche' in a session on fencing.  They are all now dab hands with a sword (or should that be a 'foil'?)

Dinner was next, quickly followed by the most anticipated evening event of the week: the disco.  Some very impressive twister and limbo skills were shown, and the range of dance moves were as impressive (if not more) than previous years.  Have a look at our photo of the teachers' version of YMCA...