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Peter Pan visits Pluckley!!

On Tuesday 13th of November, FS, KS1 and year 3 were extremely lucky to be visited by M&M Theatre Company! They arrived and transformed the Fabulous Fim Stars classroom into Neverland, a nursery and even a magical lagoon before performing 'Peter Pan'.

The children enjoyed themselved very much and joined in with gusto, Boo-ing Captin Hook, and cheering Peter Pan and Wendy! They joined in songs, clapped in all the right places, and there were more than one or two cries of 'Oh no he wasn't' and, of course 'He's behiiiind yoooooou'!

Have a look at the pictures below to see the wonderful time we all had!


Today we watched a show called peter pan.
The   characters were peter pan, Wendy, tick tock.
It was about Wendy and a boy called peter pan who take Wendy to never land and they killed Capitan hook.
We liked all of it and we liked all the characters because it was so entertaining. Our favourite song was Lady Gaga. 

By Yasmin and Freya


Ben and Tess went to see Peter pan at a pantomime.
Wendy really wanted to see Peter pan, when actually he turned up in Wendy’s nursery window. Peter pan asked Wendy if she wanted to go to never land and Wendy said yes, so they went to never land and, in they end tick tock ate captain hook.
Ben’s favourite character was nana, Tess’s favourite character was Wendy and Peter pan.
Ben’s favourite part was when peter pan and hook fought on the ship.
Tess’s favourite part was all of it.
By Tess and Ben


Becky and Jessica watched peter pan in a pantomime
It’s about a girl called Wendy and a boy called peter pan.
And they go to a magic place called never land.
And captain hook captures Wendy but...peter pan saves her.
Captain hook
Tick tock
 And of course peter pan.
My favourite part was when miss Kelly got up and  started dancing.
By Jessica and Becky                                                               


Today we watched peter pan.
In the end Tick tock killed captain hook by eating him. Wendy really wanted to see Peter Pan.
The characters are Peter pan,smee,captain hook,nana,Wendy.
I liked peter pan and my favourite part was when they had a fight.

By Josh E

On Tuesday ks1&ks2 watched peter pan.
Harrison's favourite character was Tick Tock and his favourite part was when they kept on punching each other.
Jack' favourite part was when peter pans shadow kept on copying Wendys Dad.
Jack's favourite character was Smee.

by Jack and Harrison