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Fabulous Film Stars' new pen pal....?

Twas the night before, the night before, the night before (etc. etc) Christmas, and all through the school, children were learning, to read words like 'pool'... and then there was a knock on the door of the Fabulous Film Stars Classroom! Mrs Loader announced the arrival of one very special 'Dave the Postman'! "Special Delivery for Fabulous Film Stars" he announced, before looking, puzzled, at the return address: "From the North Pole? Who do you know there??"

"Father Christmas" was the excited reply! "We wrote to him!". Miss Hocking took the envelope from Dave, and opened it excitedly. Sure enough, inside she found 18 letters, addressed to each and every child in the class. Father Christmas had replied to the children's letters from their writing assessment the week before. Excited voices filled the classroom, and then Mrs Askey-Brown and Miss Kelly popped up to see whether the rumours were true - had the Fabulous FIlm Starts received letters from Father Christmas himself?? "YES!" was the tumultuous comfirmation!!!