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Pluckley Church of England Primary School ‘Enjoying, Learning and Achieving Together.’

Archery hits the spot!

 Four very lucky children took part in a sports day competition that had them aiming for high achievement!

 They participated in The North Secondary School Sports Day, and were set the challenge of competing against another group of finely tuned athletes...Mr Johnson and the P.E department staff! 

Throughout the day they demonstrated what it takes to be a Pluckley pupil and prevailed, even when the odds were against them. They consitently hit the target and gained a grand total of 256 points between them. The adults a measley 64!

Here are some pictures showing how maturely they acted with such dangerous equipment, and how happy they were when they collected their certificates and medals for winning.
Well done to the children of Pluckley for showing their excellent skills in the Archery Competiton!