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Anti-Bullying Week

Pluckley pupils are saying 'no' to bullies this week, with all classes raising awareness during Anti-Bullying Week.  The school was treated to three mini-plays on Tuesday, with Drama Club showing us the true meaning of 'being bullied'.  As well as learning about David and Goliath and Cinderella, we were also shown how to play football fairly.

This morning, the school gathered in the church to present the work they have been doing in different curriculum areas:

- Shooting Stars performed a play on Mr. Dizzy, who was bullied for not being clever by pigs and elephants! 
- Lightyear Class talked about their grafitti project, where they wrote anti-bullying messages in chalk around the school.
- Thunderbirds thought about how it feels to be bullied, and performed a song with lyrics they had written themselves.
- Jedi Class read some very powerful anti-bullying poetry which they have been writing this week.
- And Timelords talked about Cyber-Bullying and how we can all protect ourselves on the internet.

Look at some of our pictures below!