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Americas and Asia Trip to Leeds Castle

Americas and Asia had an absolutely lovely trip out to Leeds Castle as we were blessed with wonderful weather and an action-packed day.

We were the first into the grounds and strolled past the castle to the education centre, where Asia went straight into their wallpaper workshop whilst Americas went to look around the castle and the grounds.

The workshop was all about creating 'wallpaper fit for a queen', linking the royal history of Leeds Castle with our current Diamond Jubilee celebrations. We were taught about creating an appropriate background, then layering a motif linked with the likes of the previous owner of the castle. Look at the pictures below, you will see why we are so proud of all their creations!

Whilst in the workshop, the other class found themselves taking the Tudor Trail around Leeds Castle, looking carefully at the decor and information to help answer questions. The children were all enrapt by the beauty and quality of all the rooms inside. A trip to the maze followed, where we worked as groups to race to the middle - I am pleased to say my group won! (Albeit with a 20 second headstart...)

We came together as two classes for looking at the wildlife and playing rounders before a slow walk through the grounds, back to the bus and a much quieter journey home.

Thank you to all the parent helpers and other staff for helping make the day a great success and one I am sure the children are unlikely to forget.

Mr. Gardner