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Pluckley Church of England Primary School ‘Enjoying, Learning and Achieving Together.’


Welcome to Hedgehog Class!


  Our teacher is Miss Aitken and our Teaching Assistant is Miss Earl.


Term 1


This term our topic is called 'All About Me'. We will be thinking about how we have grown and changed since we were babies.  We will be exploring our senses and what they tell us about the world and thinking about our families and our pets. Please refer to our Special Books and  Dojo messages for  more detailed weekly updates about our learning! 

Children's  'Home Reading' books will be changed every Monday and Thursday. In addition to this the children will be taking home the phonics sounds that they have learnt each week. Please help them to remember the letter and the action. Please help them to think of words that begins with each sound. 




Term 2

Welcome back! This term our topic is called 'Festivals and Celebrations'.  We will be learning about Guy Fawkes Night, Armistice Day, Diwali and Christmas. Please refer to out class Topic web for  further information. In addition to this refer to our Dojo messages and Special books  for more detailed weekly  updates about our learning. 

Children's 'Home Reading' books will now be changed every Friday. We will send home 3 books that can

be shared and talked about with you, through the week. In addition to these children will continue to need to practice the sounds they have learnt in their phonics books.


If you have any worries or concerns please do not hesitate to speak to us. 






Term 3

Happy New Year Hedgehog Class!

This term our topic is called 'Ice'.  Our Literacy will include reading stories set in cold climates, and information books about Arctic creatures. 

As part of our Knowledge and Understanding of the world we will be observing melting and freezing. We will be discussing different types of weather, and the types of clothing we might need to choose. We will also be thinking about habitats of different creatures, and how they adapt to cold climates.

Our creative Development will include  making icy collages and pictures, and models!

In Mathematical Development we will be continuing to explore finding less and more than given numbers, and engaging in lots of topic related problem solving activities. 

If your child has any books or artefacts related to this topic they would like to share with the class they are most welcome!

Please look at our topic web below for further information.





Term 4

This term our topic is all called 'Plants and Growing' and our learning is all linked to our 'Knowledge and Understanding of the World'.

We will be thinking about all the elements that plants need to grow. We shall be planting seeds and observing the changes that happen over time as they develop into plants. We shall also be preparing and sampling some vegetables as part of our food activities, and discussing healthy eating!

In Mathematical Development  we will be measuring weight and length using a variety of resources in purposeful situations and we will be developing a greater understanding of time, through observations and experiences, and sequencing of events.

Our Literacy will be linked to stories about growing such as 'Olivers Vegetables', 'Jaspers BeanStalk, ' 'The Little Red Hen,' 'The Enormous Turnip' Jack and the Beanstalk' etc. We shall also be looking at some non-fiction texts and writing for a variety of purposes!

Our role-play area is to be developed into a farm shop. If you have any books or resources at home your child would like to bring into school to share with the class we will enjoy talking about them.

For further information, please refer to our topic web  featured below.


Term 5

Welcome back! We hope you have had a lovely Easter Holiday.

This term we will be learning about mini-beasts.

As part of our Knowledge and Understanding we will be studying from first hand observations the key features of mini-beasts, their similarities and differences and their habitats.

In Literacy we will be studying information books and we will be listening to stories about mini-beasts and writing some of our own.

In Mathematical Development we will be looking at patterns and symmetry. We will be sorting mini-beasts according to their features, and using their features to solve addition and subtraction problems.

As part of our PHSE and RE we shall be using stories based on mini-beasts to help us to understand and talk about our feelings. The concepts raised will be linked to bible stories.

Our topic opens up a wealth of imaginative and creative opportunities including creating mini-beasts from a wide variety of materials, moving and dancing like mini-beasts, singing mini-beast songs and learning how artists have depicted mini-beasts in their work.

If your child has any books or artefacts related to this topic they would like to share with the class we would be very interested in talking about them.

For further information, please refer to our topic web featured below.

Term 6

Welcome back to term 6. We hope you have had a lovely half term break. It is hard to believe this is the last term, the year has flown by so quickly!

This term our topic is called 'Splash!' 

In Literacy we will be listening to stories and studying information books based around the sea, including those written pirates and sea creatures. Our role-play area will be a Travel Agents, where we can explore different types of brochures and pretend to go on holiday to exciting destinations. 

As part of our Knowledge and understanding we shall be finding out about sea creatures, and investigating different types of transport. We shall attempt to create our own boats and explore floating and sinking!

As part of our Religious Education, we will be looking at stories from the bible linked to water, such as Jonah and the Whale, and Noah's Ark.

 When engaging in Mathematical Development  this term we shall be continuing to work on developing our skills particularly in number. We shall be using money to help us explore concepts such as doubling and halving, number bonds, and ordering numbers. We shall also be challenged to do some exciting mathematical problem solving activities linked to pirates.

Creative Development will include activities such as colour mixing using shades and tones of the sea, boat building and making pirate accessories, creating water images using mixed media, looking at artists who took inspiration from water and the sea and listening to and creating music inspired by water.

Hedgehog class are welcome to bring in any books or seaside items linked with the topic to share with everybody.