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Pluckley Church of England Primary School ‘Enjoying, Learning and Achieving Together.’


'Way up high in the Apple tree...'
What is hiding in the water?
We love reading!
Busy Builders!
Armistice Day

Rescuing the Arctic creatures from the ice!

'Our hands melt the ice!' Rose
'Let's try and wrap it up!' Evelyn
'The salt makes it melt faster!' Florence
'We need to protect it!' Emily
'We need a hammer to break the ice!' Ethan

Mother's Day Assembly

Red Nose Day

Book Week

Our Fantastic Trip to Wildwood

A terrapin
Minibeast workshop
Talking about our learning
Investigating minibeasts
What have we found?
Which creatures live here?
Using a pooter
We have found a woodlouse
Which minibeast  are we observing?
Can we name this minibeast?
Who is hiding under the leaves?
Let's look closely....
Identifying what we have found!
What can we see?
"Look what our group have found...."
Caring and making friends...
Carefully holding and identifying...
The minibeasts begin to move....
Carefully catching a mini-beast...
"Look what I have found..."
How many different minibeasts have we seen?
Which creature is inside the pooter?
Can we name the minibeasts we have seen?
'We're going on a Bear hunt...'
We are being very brave....
Our exciting   rope bridge adventure!
Who is hiding in the undergrowth?
Walking carefully....
Who can we see? ..
It's a bear!!!