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Reading / Storytime


We would suggest that the children continue to read everyday, we have attached below a link where a wide range of school aged books can be accessed free online - this can be especially helpful if you don't have access to a wide range of books at home. Feel free to write a review of a book once you have read it, this can be shared with your class teacher. Also remember that you can log onto the Accelerated Reader website to check the 'level' of the book to ensure it is a book of appropriate challenge and content.


Accelerated Reader Bookfinder:


Please click here to find our Virtual Library.


Below are links to some great free online book resources, some are audio and some are for children to read for free online.





Teach Your Monster to Read is a wonderful game made in association with leading educational experts and follows phonic phases 1, 2 and 3 in separate games. Perfect for EYFS through to KS1. Apps are available and paid for but the online website version is always free. Your child can follow their monster around and learn without realising how much they are learning to read!


2Simple’s Purple Mash is an online platform full of content which keeps children engaged and supported through the curriculum in every subject. Games, videos, activities and ebooks are available. Suitable for ages 4-11. Usually a paid subscription but free in event of closures.





Pobble is an online writing platform. They post a free picture a day with prompts for discussion and writing.


BBC Bitesize is always free and has videos, lessons, and games covering the whole curriculum all the way up to GCSEs.


Handwriting practice a bit a day will be essential for infant and junior age children. Handwriting Heroes has premium content and apps but their letter formation videos are always free so will help remind children of the right formation while practicing.


Spelling and grammar games


Spelling games


Spelling games:


English games including phonics:


Reading comprehension games: