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Cool Camera Crew

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Our topic for term 5 & 6 is…

‘Film and Television'

Our School Values
Welcome back -Term 6!

Where has this year gone?it has flown by whilst we have all been so very busy working hard!
With SATS now out the way, well done all of the Cool Camera Crew Class for 100% effort, I am really proud of you all .
This Term will be full of surprises to look forward to. We have our Pluckley Talent Show, which is fast approaching; Fete de la Musique at our Federated School-Smarden Primary;Our Summer fair;Sports day and planning for what will be a very sad but memorable Leavers Service for our Year 6 pupils.

We have returned from a lovely Easter Break, and straight to work in Term 5! This term we will be revising our core subject areas in preparation for SATS. However, as we look forward to longer lighter days, and better weather, we shall enjoy our outdoor learning. Celebrating the arts, we shall be creating art master pieces based on the natural beauty of Pluckley. We are looking forward to our KS 2 play, this year being 'Robin Hood'. Auditions and rehearsals will begin soon, in true film and television style.
Term 4 has begun with our long awaited trip to Harry Potter Studios. We were so excited as the coach drove near, and as the doors opened to intoThe Great Hall at Hogwarts so did our imaginations into a world of film and television discovery.
We are also looking forward to the production of Pinnochio and the Year 6 theatre work shop. Additionally our Red Nose bake-off is around the corner, with a flavour of creating a new Hogwarts triffle, which you will be able to sample!
An exciting term lies ahead, look out for photos below.

The BAFTA awards with our individual and personal goals for the term are hanging from the ceiling; the film reel mind mapping our new topic wraps itself around the room!

Lights camera actions are ready and set for an exciting term ahead.

For the next two terms we will be using our new topic creatively throughout our curriculum. In our literacy learning we have begun with ‘flashbacks’ in narrative, linking this to Harry Potter films and novels. We are looking forward to visiting the Harry Potter film studios in February!

Keep a lookout below as photos are updated throughout the term ahead.

Mrs Shone