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Christmas Jingles

Yesterday (Monday 13th November 2017) we had a very special visitor within our classroom. Jingles visited us with a note explaining how she will be here everyday, observing, and reporting back to Santa in the North Pole. 


Here we will document all of the mischievous goings on of Jingles the Elf and what she gets up to around the classroom. 






14/11/2017 - Digging for sweets.

15/11/17 - Creating beautiful artwork on the lockers!

16/11/17 - Mistaking toilet roll for tissue!

17/11/17 - Making paper chain men.

20/11/17 - Jingles has found a friend!

21/11/17 - Weight lifting and hanging around.

23/11/17 - Playing Jenga.

27/11/17 - Feeding the soldiers to the dinosaurs.

29/11/17 - Christmas is coming!

04/12/17 - Sailing in the Sink.

06/12/17 - Shopping for Christmas presents