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Welcome to the Chameleon Class!


Today, Pluckley C of E Primary School had a special visitor, an Olympian. Chris Cook shared his experiences, his successes and failures as well as his Commonwealth Gold Medal with Chameleons. The pupils had the opportunity to ask questions and gain invaluable advice on how to succeed in life. All the children left the classroom inspired to reach their goals. Thank you Chris!!!

On Wednesday, Year 5 and 6 pupils competed at the Julie Rose Athletics Centre in Ashford. Pupils competed in a number of events including sprinting, throwing and jumping. The pupils were fantastic with plenty of support not only for their peers but also for other competitors. Well done to all those who took part. See photos at the bottom of the page.

Today Year 6 pupils enjoyed a transition workshop. The aim of the session was to discuss their feelings about their new schools. The children shared experiences they enjoyed together at Pluckley and what they will miss. Many shared their sadness about moving away from the close friends they have made here at school but also the chance to meet new people. The children also shared their excitement for new lessons and the challenge of secondary school. We wish you good luck at your new schools Year 6; you'll be great!!!

Wow, what a week!!! Chameleons joined forces with Smarden's Barracuda class for 3 days of adventure. Pupils and staff tackled a number of high rope activities including climbing, Jacob's ladder and High Equilibrium (a see-saw 15m above the ground) as well as a blind-folded obstacle course, orienteering and team challenge. We also enjoyed an evening around a campfire where we all sung our hearts out to some rather silly songs. For many pupils the dormitories were a highlight spending the 2 nights away with their friends. Well done to all the pupils who conquered fears and challenged themselves. Mr Hume

Term 5 (Our creative curriculum topic is Oceans):

Welcome back Chameleons and what a busy few weeks we have ahead of us. For those of you in Year 6, we will be covering the SATs with you from practise papers to support activities to ensure that you get the best chance to show the world how good you really are! For you Year 5 we will be looking at Jules Verne and his science fiction fantasy story that takes place beneath the waves. You may have heard of it, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. We will be looking at the original story, the film as well as it graphic novel spin off with the chance for you to write your own fantasy story that takes places at sea. In the afternoons both Year 5 & 6 will come together to look at the other areas of study. These will include space, famous explorers and ships, important world oceans and their inhabitants as well as studying Hugh's Fish Fight and how we can sustainably manage our oceans to meet our needs and those of future generations. The end of the term will culminate in Chameleons visiting Kingswood and experiencing many exciting outdoor adventures. I hope you are looking forward to this action packed term. Mr Hume

STOP PRESS - Book Week and Math's Week a huge success!
Our recent book week, when children got to dress up as their favourite book character and our PTFA held a 'Mad Hatters Tea Party' was a great success. Lots of photos of our fantastic events made it into the local Kentish Express. Book week is also a favourite of Mr Bailey's. He was able to share his favourite books (many by author Neil Gaiman) with all of the different classes, by visiting each one in turn during guided reading. Don't worry, all the other teachers visited Chameleon class to share their favourite books too!

Maths week followed immediately after Book week and was also enjoyed by the whole of Chameleon class. Lots of activities took place, from visits by secondary school teachers, to problem solving activities that had the whole school, measuring and calculating to answer "How big is our school?" Some pupils from Chameleon class, travelled down to Smarden to take part in some extra challenging maths investigations and found themselves investigating the 'Golden Ratio' and finding beauty in mathematics!

During terms 3&4 our Creative Curriculum topic is Deserts.

In term 3, we have been looking at the hot deserts, located around the equator. We were very interested to learn about the Dakar rally, a race which began as the Paris Dakar rally, The race started in Paris and ran all the way to Dakar, the western most point of Africa. Now the Dakar rally is held in South America! We researched the history of the rally and were even lucky enough to meet Mr Stamper, who took part in the Dakar rally in 2009! In our DT lessons, we made links with our science work on electrical circuits to build our very own Dakar buggies.

In term 4, we have been exploring a very different type of desert! These deserts are found in the polar regions at the top and bottom of our planet. We have been making lots of history links, learning about the race to the South Pole and the historic expeditions to Antarctica. One of the most famous explorers to Antarctica is Captain Robert Falcon Scott, often know as 'Scott of the Antarctic!" We have been learning about his trips to Antarctica, his race to the South Pole against Rauld Amundsen and the tragic journey after finding out he had been beaten. In our maths work we have been linking our coordinates work to longitude and latitude and how calculating them allows us to pinpoint our exact location anywhere on Earth!

Our Creative Curriculum topic for terms 1&2 was Rainforests.

We will be using our creative curriculum to learn all about the different rainforests around the world. Where on the globe do they exist? What conditions are need for a rainforest to thrive? Why are rainforests important to all of us, wherever we live?

Our classroom environment has undergone some changes as the Chameleons have arrived and made their home in our school. We are looking forward to another successful year and grasping all of the learning opportunities that present themselves throughout the year.

Term 1 - We have enjoyed researching facts about Chameleons and used these to create some fantastic stories. We have also been really lucky with visits from a parent who showed us her collection of Preying Mantis insects and their exo-skeletons (photos below), before having a fantastic visit from a Rainforest workshop. At the workshop children met a range of live creatures, from a giant snail to a tarantula! A range of pictures and an article about the day can be found under our latest news articles.

Our football team have done extremely well and we are pleased to announce that they have made it to the Kent finals for small schools! We wish them good luck for the big day at the end of November.

Term 2 - We have developed our research skills and have been finding out about Typhoon Haiyan which struck the Philippines. We interviewed one of Mr Hume's former colleagues via Skype who told us all about the disaster and the relief efforts in the area. We used all of our knowledge to create some fantastic news reports, with some of our class even recording their reports using flip cameras!

Our science topic moved from micro-organisms during term 1 to food chains and webs during this term. We have been discovering what interdependence and adaptation mean and how the rainforest is a self-balancing eco-system which needs our protection.

During art we have looked at the work of Henri Rousseau, learning about his use of colour and that he never had a single art lesson! We used his images to inspire us to create our own rainforest pictures.

Class newsletters will be posted below, along with photos of our classroom, activities and examples of our work, so keep checking our class page.

Mr Bailey