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Welcome to Badger Class!


We are the Year 2 & 3 class at Pluckley.  

We work hard and have lots of fun learning about all the different subjects through our class topic.


  Our final topic of the year is called 'You Can Change the World!'  Each week we will learn about a man or women who has changed the way we view the world or live our lives today.  We are starting with Queen Elizabeth II, learning about the roll of the monarchy in England, the Commonwealth and what her 'job' entails on a daily basis.  As part of Science Week we will be learning about Isaac Newton and applying his laws to help build rocket balloon transportation devices.  We will also be learning about Thomas Telford and how he combined science and D&T to build amazing bridges.  We will then be learning about the athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill, a current icon who's career shows us that you can be good at more than one thing and can push yourself to do more and be more.  Our next women is Emmeline Pankhurst, through whom we will be learning about a different time period in English history and how people can effect change.  By studying Pablo Picasso we will be learning about a different time, a different country and a different medium.  Looking at the different mediums through which he expressed himself and learning to apply some of these techniques ourselves.  Finally we will be celebrating David Attenborough who has brought the wonders of the world into our own homes.  

Through these amazing people we will be developing our Art, Design, Geography, History, Maths and Literacy skills.


This coming Topic is Chocolate and will run over two terms.  Leading up to Easter we will be focusing on the Geography and History of Chocolate.  We will learn where in the world chocolate grows and why we can't grow it here.  We will be learning about the tribes that first introduced chocolate to the western world and the role it had within their cultures.

After Easter we will be learning about the History and development of English chocolate.  Our learning will then take a more practical turn as the children will be given the opportunity to design, make, package, promote and sell their own chocolaty treats!


To warm ourselves up after a cold Christmas we will next be learning about the Great Fire of London!  We will learn about urban life 350 years ago and how the fire effected important changes we can still see today.  To compliment our learning we will be taking a trip to London to see how the architecture has changed and to visit a special exhibition at the Museum of London.


To help the children to understand what Christmas means to different faiths and cultures around the world, our second topic is Festivals.  We will be learning about the Catholic All Saints Day and The Day of the Dead festival celebrated in Mexico; Holi, celebrated by Hindus and Christmas celebrated by Christians.  We will be learning, why these dates and events are important to different religions; in which countries these festivals are most popular and how differently they are celebrated.


The first topic of this year is Roald Dahl.  By reading and discussing his books we will be learning about all different writing styles and further developing our own.  

Through Boy, will we learn about the changes in recent history and compare our childhood to his own.  

Inspired by Esio Trot we will develop our D&T and Art skills to create our own tortoises and then carefully measure and sort them by size.  

In Science we will be learning about the life of local woodland animals, and identifying the facts behind the fiction of Fantastic Mr Fox.


This topic gives us the opportunity to see how our learning links across the different subjects and to real life scenarios.


We are excited about the upcoming year and all the wonderful learning opportunities we have ahead of us. Starting with Roald Dahl Day on 13th September - don't forget to come to school as your favourite character! 


To learn more about our name sake, a member of the East Sussex Badger Group will be coming in to class to teach us how to spot signs of Badgers around where we live and how to keep them safe.


PE will be taught by Team Theme every Thursday morning.


The homework grid and KIRFs can be found below, with our Long Term Plan and the Topic Web for this current topic.  Copies of any class or trip letters will also be available here and on the Class Story on Dojos.


Weekly updates and photos can be found through ClassDojo, so please make sure you have signed up.


If you need to contact me, please feel free to catch me in the morning when you drop off your child, send a message through ClassDojo, ring Mrs Loader in the office or arrange an appointment for after school.


We are both looking forward to a wonderful year as The Badgers!


Ms Berry & Mrs Smith

In Year 3 we cover the following areas of study:

Photos - Term 1 Displays