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[23rd January, 2014] History Day

 Today we were treated to a visit from two very special guests from Maidstone Museum, to teach us and take us through an exciting day of Ancient Egyptian history! To start off the day, we delved into the murky world of archeology, discovering what it means (and what it takes) to be a budding archeologist just like Indiana Jones!

After a quick switch back to our classroom, we got into groups and worked with our friend Vicky from the Maidstone museum as we played "Artifact or Relic?" with models of Egyptian objects found in and around the tombs of the great Kings of the Nile, before whizzing off to create our own Canopic Jars - similar to the ones used to house the Pharoahs organs for the afterlife!

We hope everyone enjoyed their day today and I do hope you'll take a look at the photos being uploaded as I type!