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[15th May, 2014] Oceans Update

  Hello everybody! 

Sorry for the long gap in updates, we've been very busy here in Lemurs this term, exploring and learning all about the Viking Age. We've examined a wide range of aspects of their life; ranging from the different parts of boats, to where the Vikings came from.

In the past few weeks, we've tried our hand at successfully writing in Viking Runes and even created some of our own Viking Name Coins (they'll be coming home at half-term, so bring something secure to bring home these delicate masterpieces!).

On top of this, we've also recieved a visit from Bjorn the Viking, where we had to create truely persuasive letters to convince him to bring his family and stay in the UK - comparing the advantages of modern life to that of the Vikings in the Viking Age.

We've truely been trying it all this half term (there's still so much more to mention!), but we are now looking ahead to the end of this term and Term 6; where we'll be shifting our gaze to other aspects of the oceans . .