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wb - 22/04/2019

Welcome back to a new term. 

This week we began our new topic, with our over arching question of: 


"What makes people extraordinary?"


We started the shorter week on Tuesday with our topic day, where we came slightly off normal timetable to get stuck into our new theme for the term. We began sharing what we know already about our topic and generated questions of things we would like to find out. Then we wrote a profile on the superhero we made up and then we got changed into our costumes. Once in our costumes we played some superhero games, like clearing the playground of deadly kryptonite (without using our hands) which created an environment for the children to work cooperatively and develop their communication skills. For the rest of the week we have been building up a detailed, descriptive piece of writing about our newly created superheros, using things like adjectives, similes and expanded noun phrases to really build up a picture in the readers head. In maths we have been exploring capacity through comparing and estimating liquids and have started to look at reading scales to decide how many ml of liquid were in the containers.   




Please visit the photo gallery back on our class page to see pictures of our topic day