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wb - 17/06/2019

This week we began the week with instruction writing. We each had a net of a 3D 1666 house and the children had to work out how to make it - without reading any instructions, all the while noting down what they did at each step. From these notes, and their experience, the children then wrote their instruction on how to make a 3D, paper, 1666 house. We finished this week with some persuasive writing. We looked at the question - "Was the Great Fire of London a good or bad thing to have happened?" The children began by coming with arguments and reasons for both sides. They then had to decide which side they wanted to argue. When writing their persuasive piece, the children had to try and convince the reader that their point of view was the right one. In maths this week we have been revisiting a mixture of time and reading other types of scales. We started with looking at the time to 5 minutes on an analogue clock, focusing more on which half is past and which half is to. Then we moved onto reading different scales that used divisions of 1, 2, 5 and 10. We looked at working out the jumps the scale went up in first, then decided on how full the containers were or reading the number on the scale. In topic we have been comparing London in 1666 to London in 2019 through art. We looked at things like streets, transport and buildings. To create our art pieces we used a range of mixed media and every picture had to have some coloured in parts using all of the following:

- pencils

- pens

- chalks

- crayons

- water colour paint

- acrylic paint