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Trevor visits Europe (class!)

Trevor has spent an eventful time in Europe class and worked with different pupils recording his activities.

Archimedean Spiral


Our class made a spiral of Archimedes. A spiral of Archimedes is a spiral with the same length between each line. It is very hard to do it free handed so Trevor had a lot of trouble drawing the spiral. Then we got told a good method. You need:

A4 paper, A3 paper, a ruler, a cotton reel, pen or pencil, sticky tape and someone to help!

Trevor didn’t listen to the instructions at all and did it all wrong. Trevor was unhappy because he could not do it. He got sticky tape all over himself. Then he fell over in a mess of tape and pencils, Trevor had sprained his wrist and could not finish his spiral luckily Albert Winch helped him finish his spiral. It was very good. Trevor’s spiral was hung up in our classroom. He is very proud of it but unfortunately it split in half. Trevor was cheerless after his spiral ripped.

By Albert and Alfred












Greek Pots
Recently we have been making and painting our very own Greek pots using paint and clay. We decided to keep to the colours of the real ancient Greek pots, Black, reds & oranges, using patterns to tell stories of myths and legends like Perseus and Medusa.
This is an ancient Greek pot.



As you can see, the main colours are black and orange and in this one, there is a bit of white as well. By Jessica Challis


Europeans have been making newspaper articles!
Our articles are about the Trojans getting slaughtered by the Greeks. A war that went on for ten years was finished by the Greeks. They used a weapon called the Trojan horse, it was a hollow wooden horse used by the Greeks to get back king Menelaus's wife Helen.
How we did it.
We looked at the features of a newspaper report, then we designed our own newspaper layout. Finally we wrote our article and remembered to use the 5 Ws (Who, What, Where, When and Why). We had to use our creative side to describe what happened.


By Archie Oliver and Daniel Norton.