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Pluckley Church of England Primary School ‘Enjoying, Learning and Achieving Together.’

Trevor visits Americas Class

 I've had an amazing week with Americas - they are fantastic learners!

I helped Americas in their Literacy lesson when they had to write a diamante poem. I explained it was a diamond-shaped poem and even went around during class to give the children some excellent advice!



Here I am making Americas do their very best poems!

Next, I volunteered to be passed around during their Philosophy lesson. I made sure people only spoke when they were holding me, and I watched closely for those who used eye contact to show they wanted to talk next.



I really enjoyed being the centre of attention!

Finally, I LOVED their Science lesson where Americas learnt about the parts of the human body by pulling apart my good friend, Fred the Dead Body!



I helped put Fred the Dead Body back together again. Not many people know I am a fully qualified surgeon...

Americas were very kind to me, and even wrote me a song! Check out the recording below!


Americas Class song - 'Trevor Days'