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Superhero Day 23.04.2019

Today we have had a special Superhero Day as an introduction to our term 5 topic. Our big question this term is:

"What makes people extraordinary?"


Once we had all morphed into our Superheroes we had a chance to share our the Superheroes we had created with everybody,  sharing their name, power, enemy and where they lived. Next we played a game called 'Don't touch the Kryptonite'. The Superheroes had to work together to rid the playground of all of the Kryptonite, but it was very tricky as they could not use their hands! We had lots of Superheroes concentrating and persevering and, eventually, they all began to think outside the box and come up with inventive ways to make it easier! After we played the Superhero elimination game where we decided on three Superhero poses - and whichever one was said would be out. Finally we took part in a treasure hunt, where the Super Villains of famous Superhero stories were hidden, lurking, all around the school and the children had to find their own Super Villains that linked to their Superhero. The children showed great teamwork and get going until they found them all!


Below you will find some photographs from the day of just some of the fun and exciting things we have been doing in class.

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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7