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All adults in our school have a responsibility for Safeguarding. All staff have completed Basic Awareness of Safeguarding Training, led by the school Designated Safeguarding Officer. The most recent whole school staff training took place in September 2018.


The School Safeguarding team consists of:

Mr Watson - Deputy Head Teacher / Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Smith - HeadTeacher / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Drywood-Senior - SENCO / Deputy Safeguarding Lead


All adults in school are required to wear a Pluckley Church of England Primary School identification Badge, and they must sign in at the school office to receive this.


All visitors to the school are required to sign in, upon which they are given a visitors lanyard.

All staff, governors, students and volunteers undertake a DBS check and details of these checks are kept in a single central record in school.


All the policies in school are kept centrally, the safeguarding policy is reviewed annually and its related policies and practices are reviewed regularly. Our practices and policies reflect the guidance outlined in "Keeping Children Safe in Education".

We believe that it is important to make children and young people aware that unacceptable behaviour towards them should not be tolerated. Our PSHE curriculum supports children to be able to recognise when their safety becomes compromised and to know what they can do about it.


At Pluckley Church of England Primary School we believe that educating our children about being safe on-line is very important.  As part of our ICT curriculum all children from Foundation Stage to Year Six follow our E-safety Scheme of Work focusing on identifying some of the risks about being on-line and how to keep themselves safe.

In school we have clear rules about using the internet and these are displayed in every classroom.

Safeguarding Induction Leaflet

Keeping Children Safe in Education Sept 2018

Education Safeguarding Team Contacts

E-Safety Policy