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Pluckley Guinness Records 21.05.2019

Today we explored some extraordinary people that have accomplished world records for crazy and wacky things. We read some information about people such as Sultan Kosen - the tallest living man - as well as Lee Redmond, who has the worlds longest fingernails (on a woman). The children then had to choose one extraordinary person to write a fact file about, putting the information into their own words. Later on, in the afternoon, we had a go at setting some of our own, Pluckley Primary School class records. We tried six different challenges. They were: the most millions sweets blow into a bowl using a straw, most crackers eaten (as a group) in two minutes, the quickest group to unravel two toilet rolls, the quickest group to wrap up a child in toilet roll, pick up the most millions using chopsticks and the most balloons popped by sitting on them. Below you can find some pictures of the children working cooperatively to win each record attempt. 

How many millions sweets can you blow across the table, into a bowl, using a straw?

How many crackers can you eat, as a group, in two minutes?

How quickly can you unravel two toilet rolls?

How quickly can you wrap a child in toilet roll?

How many millions can you pick up and put into the bowl, with chopsticks, in 5 minutes?

How quickly can you pop 14 balloons by sitting?