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We are excited to be on our journey through Key Stage 2.







Class Information

In our class we know we have to keep trying hard to improve our skills in reading, writing and number.  Therefore, we have home learning to take on these nights:

Spellings = Monday tested Thursday.

Reading = 20 minutes each night.

Times tables = Monday tested Friday.

A piece of writing and a mathematical activity to support learning in school= Given Monday returned Friday.


We also have an extended piece of topic research for the term and this is presented in a way we decide shows our understanding best. We look forward to sharing our ideas in the last week of the term.

Please find Term 5 grid below.



We have lots of fun too. Our P.E. this term is on Monday afternoon so we have to make sure our kit is in school on this day.

We know we still need a bit of help to organise ourselves from the adults in our lives, however we aim to become more independent at looking after our things and doing our best at all times.

Term 6 Home Learning projects

Weekly update: 2/7/19

This week children are experiencing life in their new classroom. The children from Year 2 and 3 are working on an international study to learn about Vietnam.

We began Monday with finding out Geographical facts. On Tuesday we learnt  about the money (dong) VND and converted the cost of items to £ (GBP). In the afternoon we then went shopping Vietnamese style, used our Vietnamese numbers and learnt to cross a busy street in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).


Today we wrote diary entries for the street ladies and men who sell products from baskets. We then looked at a dual language book (Vietnamese /English)  'Elmer and the stranger'. This book helped us discuss fears and how to overcome them and feelings when you are in a new situation. We had lots of positive ideas to give to each other -encouragement, showing and helping were just a beginning. This afternoon we learnt about traditional Vietnamese art 'quilling' and 'egg shell mosaics' and then we began crafting our own work. Please find some photos below.


Today we investigated traditions of Vietnam- clothing, meals, games and crafts. We travelled to beautiful Hoi An where villagers make lanterns and we made our own to decorate our learning space. We also found out about the story telling art of water puppetry. We felt the silky materials used in Ao dai (traditional clothes) and then designed our own. This afternoon we learnt about the sport Da Cau (foot shuttlecock) and tried to improve our skills before finally learning about table etiquette and using chopsticks.


We began the day by finding out about food that is exported from Vietnam and then trying some tasty Pho- a rice noodle and broth dish. Some children even tried the spicy version!

We then made conical hats ready to greet our visitors with this afternoon.


Maths  1
Maths  2
Maths  3
Maths  4
Maths  5
Maths  6
Maths  7
Maths  8
Maths  9
Maths  10
Maths  11
Maths  12
Maths  13

Group poems- Tom's sausage lion. We worked in groups to contribute our ideas. We then performed them to the class.

Science- friction work!

Science- friction work! 1
Science- friction work! 2
Science- friction work! 3
Science- friction work! 4
Science- friction work! 5
Science- friction work! 6
Science- friction work! 7
Science- friction work! 8
Science- friction work! 9
Science- friction work! 10
Science- friction work! 11

Our 'I love Autumn' poem we combined all of our poetry for this class contribution to Harvest Festival

Class photos

Our 'Entry Point' for Ancient Egypt!

Our entry point into 'Time Machine' - we experienced the 'Dragon's Den'!

All work and no play! Building a renewable energy source