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Welcome to Hedgehogs class page! 

Our teachers are Mrs Jeffries and Miss Aitken and our teaching assistant is Miss Earl. This is our class page where you can find all the information about our exciting topics. Please don't forget to check our Class Dojo page for other important messages too.

We all look forward to working together this year.

Term 2 - Noisy Nightlife

We hope that you have had a great half term and are ready for a busy term with the run up to Christmas. This term our topic is ‘Noisy Nightlife’, as part of our learning this term we will also be looking at festivals through RE, these include Bonfire night and Guy Fawkes, Diwali, Remembrance day and the Nativity story.

In Literacy we will be basing our learning through stories and these include: - Owl Babies, Pumpkin Soup, The Very Noisy Night and Peace at Last and we will also be looking at and writing our own firework poems.

In Numeracy we will be continuing to read and recognise numbers, counting with 1:1 correspondence and beginning to add and subtract objects from groups. We will also be learning about pattern and symmetry linking this with Diwali and Mendi patterns, and measuring lengths and heights of objects found on our autumn walk.

Team theme will continue to deliver our PE and will be working on ball skills and multi sports.

We will be taking part in a Nativity play with KS1 at the end of the term, please watch this space for more details and dates later on in the term.

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs Jeffries and Miss Aitken

Term 3- The Weather


We hope that you have had a great Christmas and Happy New Year.

Welcome back to school for term 3. This term’s topic is ‘The Weather’ and through this topic we will be looking at similarities and differences. We will be thinking about what weather is and will be looking at the weather in different countries and at different times of the year (seasons). We will also be thinking about different activities we do in different types of weather. We will doing a daily weather chart and writing weather diaries.

In Literacy we will be looking at non- fiction texts about snow and ice, seasons, and weather and looking at the weather element through story books such as Mr Wolfs Week and The Bear Hunt. We will also be learning and reciting weather songs and poems such as ‘Dr Foster went to Gloucester’ and ‘The North wind does blow’.

In Numeracy we will be mainly concentrating on Addition and also Shape. Firstly we will recap on number recognition and counting groups correctly, including objects that can be moved. We will then begin to combine groups by adding together and using apparatus to complete simple addition number sentences. We will move onto using a numberline and the children will be taught to jump forwards when adding and jump backwards when taking away.


Spring Term 4 – Hedgehog Class


We hope that you have had a restful half term and enjoyed the sunshine when it has been out. Can you believe we are starting Term 4 and that we are half way through the children’s 1st year at school!!

This term our topic is ‘Story rhyme, Story time’ and as you can tell from the title we will be learning in Literacy about traditional stories and tales and looking at rhymes and words that rhyme within texts. We will continue to use our phonics to read and write by blending and segmenting words- This will include learning new phonics which are vowel digraphs (2 letters, 1 sound with a vowel in them) and trigraphs such as air, ure and ear.

In Numeracy we will be starting the term by learning about capacity and weight and comparing sizes of objects and containers- this will be done in a very practical way when following recipes and making food as well as using the water tray and sand pit. We will continue to work using the number system with addition and subtraction and will be also trying hard to write our numbers the right way around (This is something that you could practise at home).

We have lots of exciting events this term such as Mother’s Day, Easter and World Book Day to name a few, which we will be learning about through our Knowledge and Understanding and Art sessions. We will also continue to learn about our REFLECT school values and use circle time to discuss and reinforce our class rules again this term.

This term we will also be having Parent Consultations, where you will be able to look at your child’s work and we can talk about their next steps and the progress they have made- these appointments will be bookable through the office (details and dates will be on the school newsletter).

We look forward to another successful term and hope that you continue to enjoy the regular updates and photos on Dojo to keep you informed and up to date with our learning.

Mrs Jeffries and Miss Aitken


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Still image for this video

Summer Term 5 – Glorious Growing


We hope that you have had a good Easter and are ready for term 5.

This term our topic is ‘Glorious Growing’ and we will be learning about different things that grow e.g plants, flowers, vegetables, fruit and other things we might find in the great outdoors. We will be learning about how plants grow and what plants need to help them grow. We will be looking closely at changes that we see outside as Summer begins and hopefully the weather becomes warmer and drier.

In Literacy we will be learning through stories about growing such as ‘ Jack and the beanstalk’, ‘Jasper’s beanstalk’, ‘Oliver’s vegetables’ to name a few. We will also be finding information in non- fiction texts and fact finding about weird and wonderful plants that grow in different countries. We will be using our writing to write labels, lists, diary entries as well as stories. This term we will be continuing to hear the sounds in words in order to write our own words and sentences. We will be recapping on digraph and trigraph sounds in phase 3, as well as phase 3 tricky words.

In Numeracy we will be learning about shape, space and measure which ties in nicely with our growing topic, where we will be measuring heights and lengths of sunflowers and plants, weighing out flour and seeds to make bread, and data handling about which fruit and vegetables are our favourites in order to create our own pictograms and graphs.

We look forward to working closely with you, and thank you in advance for your support.


Mrs Jeffries and Miss Aitken