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Day 3

We began our final day with breakfast and games in the courtyard before our 7th activity of the trip, which was going on the zip wire. The children got all kitted up and had to climb the tower and were allowed 3 goes each. The children were very good at following the instructions of the activity leaders, Shane and Rob. When we finished we did a straight swap with the Smarden group who were abseiling - with yet another, different Ben. This was the most daunting activity as the children had to lower themselves off of a very high ledge! The children who did it were all extremely brave - even after a few tears! We then went for our last lunch, and then got onto the coach to come home.


The children all coped extremely well with being away from home, as well as dealing with the fears that many of them overcame! Our group leader, Tom, said that he thought they were the easiest group of children to manage which is a very big compliment to them and their behaviour, and for the most part they were all very polite and extremely well behaved! Well done to all of the children, and i hope you all enjoyed it as much as i did! 

Morning of Day 3

Morning of Day 3 1
Morning of Day 3 2

Abseiling - Activity 8 (last one)