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Day 2

We woke up and had breakfast, then it was straight onto our 3rd activity of the trip which was Orienteering with Emily. We began with playing a game where Emily would call out North, South, East or West - and the children would run to the corresponding cone. We then did an activity with cones that each had a letter of the alphabet on. The children were given a start letter, and the direction they had to travel, and had to work out the secret sequence of letters for that specific map. Then we put all our skills we learned into finding different points around the site, reading a map and using compass directions. After this we moved straight over to activity 4 - the Giant Swing. The children (and myself) were a little scared on this one! Two people were attached to the bar, and everyone had to pull the rope to pull them up. Then once at the top, someone had to pull a rope to release them, and then you dropped! We then had jacket potatoes for lunch and an hour to play games before our next activity. Activity number 5 was Aeroball with Ben. This involved the children jumping on a trampoline and trying to score over the wall and into their opponents net. e played a mini tournement where the children got to pick their own team names. Our last activity before dinner was Jacobs ladder (probably the trickiest/scariest of them all!) This was with instructor Jasen and involved climbing up a loose ladder, where the gaps between logs get further and further apart the higher up you go. The children were all very brave (we only had a few tears!) and some children managed to get all the way to the top! After we had dinner, and then had time for goodie bags and letters. The letters i managed to read were so lovely, and it was really nice to let the children know that you were all thinking of them! To finish of our day we played capture the flag all evening with our group leader Tom, and Ben from Aeroball. This was very fun as it was dark, and very muddy and slippery!  

Morning of Day 2

Morning of Day 2 1

Orienteering - Activity 3

The Giant Swing - Activity 4

Aeroball - Activity 5