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Day 1

When we arrived we put our bags in our rooms and went straight to each our lunch outside in our courtyard area. Then Tom (our group leader) showed us to our first activity, which was the Challenge Course led by Sam. This involved the children working in pairs through an obstacle course. After this we were led to our second activity which was Canoeing with Jake. We practiced working together with our partners to turn the boats, and then played a tag game of Zombie and Humans. After Canoeing we went and had our first dinner. We then had an hour to play games back at the courtyard before heading out the campfire. When at the campfire we sung lots of songs, and even had a funny story about a boy who was sent to jail because he couldn't spell 'Strawberries'! To finish off the evening we got to try marshmallows that had been toasted over the campfire. 

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Lunch on the First Day

Night 1 Dinner

Night 1 Dinner 1
Night 1 Dinner 2
Night 1 Dinner 3